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This page last updated May 6, 2020

Acid Concentration

Company General Description Website/e-mail
Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology (Poland) Sulphuric acid concentration (MSK-6) www.ichtj.waw.pl/ichtj/market/
Anton Paar Sulphuric acid analyzer (DSA-48) www.anton-paar.com/ap/lab_d/products/
Electron Machine Corporation The MPR E-Scan is well suited for measuring the strength of Sulphuric Acid. The sensing head is custom built for this application with either Hastelloy C or Alloy 20 wetted parts www.electronmachine.comnew2.gif (111 bytes)
EMCO Controls Sulphuric acid concentration www.emcocontrols.com
Flexim Clamp-on ultrasonic instruments for flow and concentration measurement www.flexim.com

K-Patents is a global supplier of in-line process refractometers for concentration measurement of sulfuric acid (H2SO4). The measurement determines refractive index and temperature and provides temperature compensated sulfuric acid concentration as % or g/l.  We also provide oleum (SO3 in H2SO4) measurements for sulfuric acid plants and users. The process refractometer sensors are factory calibrated and can be used for measurement ranges of 0-85%, 85-100% sulfuric acid and oleum.

Mesa Labs Sound velocity meter for measuring sulphuric acid concentration www.mesalabs.com/nusonics/nusmain.shtml
Valmet Automation Sulphuric Acid Analyzer www.valmet.com/concentration
Inline determination of sulphuric acid and oleum concentrations, measuring both temperature and sonic velocity inline for precise concentration levels. With sonic velocity there is not an inflection point between 90-100 % concentration; and our LiquiSonic® sensors are plug and play, maintenenace free, without drift or adjustments needed, achieving accuracies of 0.05 %wt in concentration measurements.For 20 years SensoTech has been focused on the development, production, sales and support of high-performance inline analyzers for concentration, density, or the monitoring of complex chemical reactions in process liquids. During this time, SensoTech has an overall installation base of the LiquiSonic® analyzers worldwide, e.g. with DOW, BASF, Dupont, and Bayer, and has an office in the USA as well as sales representatives worlwide. SensoTech products offer optimized and cost saving solutions for virtually every kind of application and process in liquids. www.sensotech.com new2.gif (111 bytes)

Gas Analyzers

Company General Description Website/e-mail
ABB Automation GmbH ABB's capabilities embraces one of the largest laboratory, at-line and process analyzer portfolios in the world, performing real-time analysis of the chemical composition and/or physical properties of a process sample or stream.  ABB's advanced solutions combine analyzers, Advanced Process Control, process and application knowledge to improve process performance, productivity, capacity and safety of our customers processes. www.abb.com/analytical
AMETEK, Inc. Photometric analyzers for gas analysis in sulphur recovery unit operations. www.ametekpi.com
Baldwin Environmental, Inc.  Sample conditoners, stack analyzers, oxygen analyzers www.bei-reno.com
OPSIS (Sweden) Emission monitoring equipment for SO2, SO3, Hg and H2O, in the stack or environment www.opsis.se
Marathon Monitors Inc. Oxygen analyzers for acid regeneration applications www.marathonmonitors.com
new2.gif (111 bytes) SICK analyzers and analysis solutions monitor and check emission limit values, contaminant emissions and the release of other substances into the environment. Typical applications are power stations, waste incineration plants, pulp factories, cement plants, and the chemical industry.
Within sulfuric acid plants the analysis of SO2 and O2 at the inlet of the converter as well as SO2, SO3 or H2SO4 at the stack are common applications.

Dew Point

Company General Description Website/e-mail
Acid dew point meter www.BreenES.com new2.gif (111 bytes)
Land Ametek Acid dew point meter www.landinst.com


Company General Description Website/e-mail
Flexim Clamp-on ultrasonic instruments for flow and concentration measurement www.flexim.com
ge_logo.gif (2475 bytes) Coriolis and ultrasonic flowmeter for liquid or gas www.ge-mcs.com
Micro Motion  Coriolis flow meters www.frco.com/micromotion

Acid Mist/SO3

Company General Description Website/e-mail
Sigrist-Photometer AG  Scattering of light is by condensed acid mist is usd to measure acid mist content.  Sample is cooled to 120°C at which acid mist will condense by water will still be as a vapour. www.photometer.com/en/abc/abc_098.htm
Pentol-Enviro AG SO3 or H2SO4 is absorbed into a solution of propan-2-ol and reacts with barum chloranilate.  Chloranilate ions are measured to determine SO3 concentration www.pentol.net
Ankersmid B.V. The SO3 or H2SO4 in the gas sample is absorbed as sulphate ions (SO42-) in an aqueous solution of propan-2-ol in water. The solution is passed through a bed of barium chloranilate.
The acid chloranilate ions are measured in a continuous flow photometer. By maintaining a constant ratio of flow rates for the gas and the propan-2-ol absorbing solution, the concentration of acid chloranilate ions can be directly related to the sulphate ion concentration in the absorbing solution, and hence the SO3 concentration in the gas.