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Intellectual Property

August 6, 2011

Latest patents related to the sulphuric acid industry.

Patent Date Inventors Title/Abstract
US2009/0226362 2009-09-10 D. Randolph
S. Chan
Process and Apparatus for the Combustion of a Sulfur-Containing Liquid  
Apparatus and processes for the production of a sulfur dioxide-containing combustion gas are provided in which a sulfur-containing liquid is pneumatically atomized with a sulfur gun or lance that utilizes an atomizing gas to form an atomized combustion mixture for combustion in a sulfur furnace. The sulfur dioxide-containing combustion gas may be used in the manufacture of sulfuric acid by the contact process.
US2011/0023428 2011-02-03 S.A. Ziebold
D.E. Azwell
M. Spence
F.L. Mueller
Compact Fiber Bed Mist Eliminator
A mist eliminator for use in removing aerosols and particularly liquids from a gas flow. The mist eliminator includes filter panels made of fiber material that arranged generally parallel to the inflow of gas into the mist eliminator. The construction of the mist eliminator controls gas velocities and provides sufficient aerosol removal in a compact volume at low operating pressure drop
US 7416576new2.gif (111 bytes) 2008-08-26 S.A. Ziebold
D.E. Azwell
F.L. Mueller
Fiber Bed Assembly and Fiber Bed Therefore
A fiber bed assembly for a mist eliminator that operates at high efficiency and inhibits re-entrained liquid from leaving the mist eliminator. The fiber bed assembly has a construction that facilitates rapid drainage of liquid collected by the fiber bed. A pre-filter media can be employed upstream of the primary collection media to remove larger liquid drops. The pre-filter media can be used in unique combination with other features to reduce liquid re-entrainment, and/or allow increased flow capacity.
US 7867470 2011-01-11 M.A. Marcin On-Site Manufacture of Sulfuric Acid
A method and system for on-site production of solutions is described according to embodiments.  In an embodiment, the solution is sulfuric acid.
2010-05-13 N. Suchak Process for Removing Contaminants from Gas Streams
The present invention provides for process for inhibiting the levels of nitrogen oxides in process gas stream from sulfuric acid regeneration and production plants.  The process gas stream from the waste heat boiler and the candle mist eliminator is contacted with ozone which will react with nitrogen oxides present in the flue gas.
US 7497998 2009-03-03 E. Tabak Gas Converter
A converter having an exterior shell with a central axis, at least one gas inlet and at least one gas outlet. The exterior shell includes a base and an interior support structure. A number of vertically stacked catalytic chambers within the exterior shell are each in communication with one or more gas inlets and gas outlets. Each chamber is defined by an inner wall of the external shell, a permeable catalytic bed support platform, a lower division plate spaced below the platform defining a gas retention plenum and an upper division plate above the platform. At least one of: the platform; the upper division plate; and the lower division plate have a toroid surface symmetric about the central axis with an outer periphery supported by the inner wall of the exterior shell and an inner periphery supported by the interior support structure.
US 7481865 2009-01-27

H. Peltola

P. Taskinen

H. Takala

J. Nyberg

H. Natunen

J. Panula

Method for Removing Mercury from Gas
The invention relates to a method for the removal of mercury from gas containing sulphur dioxide and oxygen and from the sulphuric acid vapour contained in the gas. According to the method, the gas is washed with a water solution that contains selenium ions, whereby metallic selenium is formed in the presence of oxygen, which precipitates the mercury in the gas and vapour either as a selenide or in a chlorine-containing environment, as a dichloride of mercury and selenium. Gas washing occurs at a low temperature, below 50° C.
2008-12-18 S. Maekawa
S. Kawabata
K. Orita
Process for Disposing Waste Gas Comprising Sulfur Oxides and Apparatus Thereof
A method for enlarging the particle diameters of sulfuric acid mists in waste gas and collecting the sulfuric acid mists in high efficiency is provided. A process for disposing waste gas containing sulfur oxides that introduces the waste gas in dry type electrostatic precipitator to remove dusts and then introduces the waste gas in a wet desulfurization apparatus to carry out desulfurization, wherein the waste gas temperature of a smoke channel at a more upstream side than the wet desulfurization apparatus is measured, the flow channel length is variable based on the measurement value of the waste gas temperature, the waste gas is flown to a flow channel means that is adjusted at a channel length capable of cooling the waste gas to the dew point of acid by heat release and then, the waste gas is introduced into the wet desulfurization apparatus.
2008-11-27 K. Kaeppler,
R. Iretzberger,
G. Nagy
Process for the Regeneration of Sulfuric Acid
Sulfuric acid contaminated with byproducts of chloromethane scrubbing is regenerated for reuse in the scrubbing process by diluting with water to not lower than about a 55 weight percent concentration, heating the diluted acid to boiling at not more than about 135° C., concentrating the acid to a concentration of minimally 80 weight percent at a temperature of at least 170° C., and reacting the concentrated acid with an oxidizing agent.
2008-10-30 H.A. Pfeffer
W.C. Copenhafer
Flue Gas Desulfurization Process Utilizing Hydrogen Peroxide
A flue gas desulfurization process in which a SO2-containing flue gas stream is contacted with a recirculating stream of an aqueous medium containing concentrated sulfuric acid and hydrogen peroxide, to yield a desulfurized flue gas stream and to produce additional sulfuric acid in the aqueous medium. A portion of the recirculating aqueous sulfuric acid stream is diverted for recovery of the additional sulfuric acid as gypsum in a neutralization step, and the process parameters are adjusted so that the heat of reaction generated during the neutralization step is sufficient to evaporate the free water that is present and yield a gypsum product that is substantially dry.




B.S. Minhas

D.G. Peiffer

J.S. Beck

D.L. Stern

T.R. Melli

Regeneration of Sulfuric Acid
This invention relates to a process for recycling acid used to remove nitrogen contaminants from hydrocarbons using polymeric membranes to separate spent acid from the acid extraction of hydrocarbons into acid for recycle and acid for regeneration.


2008-10-16 K.-H. Daum
W.-C. Rauser
Process and Plant for Producing Sulfuric Acid
There are described a process and a plant for producing sulfuric acid by catalytic oxidation of SO2 to SO3 and subsequent absorption of SO3 in sulfuric acid, wherein the SO3 is introduced into a first absorption stage and absorbed there in concentrated sulfuric acid, wherein the sulfuric acid having a higher concentration due to the absorption is passed through a heat exchanger and cooled, and wherein the non-absorbed SO3 is supplied to a second absorption stage for the further absorption in sulfuric acid. Before the first absorption stage a partial stream of SO3 is branched off and supplied directly to the second absorption stage.
2008-09-18 T.R. Felthouse
A. Bino
Ruthenium Oxide Catalysts for Conversion of Sulfur Dioxide to Sulfur Trioxide
The present invention relates generally to catalysts comprising ruthenium oxide and to processes for catalyzing the oxidation and conversion of sulfur dioxide (SO2) to sulfur trioxide (SO3) using such catalysts. SO2 at low concentrations in process gas streams can be effectively oxidized to SO3 at relatively low temperatures using the ruthenium oxide catalysts of the present invention. In one application, the ruthenium oxide catalysts are used in the final contact stage for conversion of SO2 to SO3 in multiple stage catalytic converters used in sulfuric acid manufacture.
2008-08-21 T. Bogenstatter
W. Gmeiner
V. Fattinger
W. Jaeger
Method and Device For Removing Sulphur Dioxide From a Dry Gas Stream
The invention relates to a method for removing sulfur dioxide from a dry gas stream which comprises following steps:

(a) adding a hydrogen-peroxide-comprising liquid to the gas stream, sulfuric acid forming from the hydrogen peroxide and the sulfur dioxide and
(b) condensing, absorbing or aerosol precipitation of the sulfuric acid formed.

The admixed hydrogen-peroxide-comprising liquid is mixed with the dry gas stream in the course of less than 0.3 s in such a manner that the admixed liquid is essentially homogeneously distributed in the gas stream. Furthermore, the invention relates to an apparatus for removing sulfur dioxide from a dry gas stream which comprises at least one atomizing nozzle for adding the hydrogen-peroxide-comprising liquid and a filter or aerosol separator, arranged downstream, in the direction of flow of the gas stream, of the at least one atomizing nozzle, in each case at least one atomizing nozzle being arranged on a cross sectional area of 300 to 350 cm2.

2008-07-10 S. Sakamoto
S. Nishimura
A. Usami
Steel Excellent in Resistance to Sulfuric Acid Dew Point Corrosion
The present invention provides a steel material able to secure a superior corrosion resistance in a sulfuric acid dew point corrosive environment of exhaust gas obtained by burning high S-containing fuel, containing, by mass %, C: =0.010%, Si: =0.10%, Cu: 0.05 to 1.00%, P: =0.030%, S: =0.050%, and Al: =0.10% and comprising a balance of Fe and unavoidable impurities. Further, this steel contains one type or two types or more of Sb, Sn, Cr, Mn, Mo, Ni, Nb, V, Ti, and B.

US 2008/0145290


K.-H. Daum

H. Storch
J. Rieder

Process and Plant for Producing Sulfuric Acid from Gases Rich in Sulfur Dioxide
US 7361326 2008-04-22 K.A. Christensen Process for the Production of Sulfuric Acid
A process of producing sulfuric acid from feed gases containing 0.1-30% SO2. The process produces concentrated sulfuric acid from a feed gas containing 0.1 vol % to 30 vol % SO2, in particular a strong feed gas containing 6 vol % to 30 vol % SO2, that enables the gas entering the final wet condensing stage to have an acid dew point of below 260°C., while at the same time achieving current requirements of acid mist emissions of about 20 ppmv without resorting to substantial air dilution of the strong feed gas.

US 2008/0056983


M. Curren

B. Foody
J. Tolan

Process for Producing Ammonia and Sulfuric Acid from a Stream Comprising Ammonium Sulfate

US 2008/0063593


L.A. Smith
A.P. Gelbein

Low Temperature Process for Regenerating Spent Sulfuric Acid
US 7344692 2008-03-18

L.A. Smith, Jr.
A.P. Gelbein

Process for Regenerating Spent Sulfuric Acid
A process for the regeneration of sulfuric acid contaminated with hydrocarbons and water to produce pure concentration acid comprising: contacting sulfuric acid contaminated with hydrocarbons and water with oxygen and elemental sulfur in the presence of a vanadium containing catalyst in a reaction zone, maintaining at least a portion of the acid in the liquid phase, converting hydrocarbon to carbon oxides and water, and converting sulfur and sulfurdioxide to sulfurtrioxide, separating the reactor effluent into a vapor stream and a liquid stream and cooling and partially condensing of the vapor stream to concentrate clean acid.
2008-01-31 J.W. Van Groenestijn
J.H.O. Hazewinkel
R.J.M. Creusen
K.P.H. Meesters
Recovery of Sulphuric Acid
The invention is directed to a process for the recovery of sulphuric acid from a mixture comprising sulphuric acid and hydrocarbons, in particular carbohydrates. In accordance with the present invention the mixture comprising sulphuric acid and carbohydrates, is contacted with an anion selective membrane, thus producing a sulphuric acid rich filtrate stream and a stream depleted in sulphuric acid.

US 2008/0025910

2008-01-31 R.N. O’Brien Process to Make Both Nitirc and Sulfuric Acid