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Maintenance and Plant Services
September 26, 2023

Company General Description Website/e-mail
Acid Plant Management Services
Specialists in acid plant management based in Perth, Western Australia. With global capabilities, our highly qualified team can mobilise to manage & perform your industrial acid plant inspections, shutdowns and repair work
Catalyst Handling Resources LLC (CHR) provides top quality Catalyst Handling, Mechanical and related Specialized Services to Refinery, Gas, Petrochemical, Gas Separation, Fertilizer, Acid and LNG Plants throughout the USA and internationally. CHR personnel are highly qualified and experienced. CHR has completed over 10,000 catalyst change outs over the past 20 years!  CHR has invested in and developed high-end specialized equipment to execute projects in the most safe and efficient manner possible. Our Motto is “Setting New Standards” and our clients benefit from the improvements we continue to make in all aspects of our services. All equipment is designed and built so it can be efficiently transported to any part of the country or any part of the world. www.catalysthandling.com
- Provide maintenance to plants
- Changed out Super Heaters, Economizers and duct work.
- At present we are in the process of dismantling  the Mosaic Green Bay #6 Plant and equipment to ship to Kazakastan.

With over 50 years of dependable results, CMW’s pool of qualified craftsmen have installed or field erected every single component in a Sulfuric Acid Processing Facility. One of our core strengths is the turnkey fabrication of major components such as, converters, heat exchangers, acid towers, boilers, sulfur burners, ducting, expansion joints, dampers and more. Our impeccable track record of Quality, Integrity, and Safety has led us to be known as the Sulfuric Acid Experts. See why clients who take advantage of our multifaceted knowledge and expertise of the sulfuric acid industry continue to rely on us from estimate to execution.

Dickinson Group of Companies has been trading for 110 years, having grown to be a Global Leading Provider of Furnace and Industrial Services to the Mining, Metals Smelting and Mineral Processing Industries.  
Dickinson’s Acid Plant Management Services provides a comprehensive service encompassing all aspects of sulphuric acid manufacturing. The company’s global capabilities perform a comprehensive scope of services including consulting and acid plant inspections, commissioning of plants, complete operate and maintenance solutions, catalyst screening and loading through to shutdown maintenance.
ECMSulphuric  Acid  Solution  Ltd  (Zambia)and  Sulphuric  Acid  Solution  Sprl. (Democratic   Republic   of   Congo)   are   subsidiaries   of   ECMining   Ltd   and provide  a  comprehensive  products  and  service  offering  to  the  sulphuric  acid industry  in  Zambia,  and  the  Democratic  Republic  of  Congo.  A  core  team  of dedicated  engineers,  technicians  and  support  personnel,  provide  technical, procurement  services  to  clients  from  the  Kitwe  office  in  Zambia  and  the Lubumbashi office in the Democratic Republic of Congo. www.ecmining.com new2.gif (111 bytes)
Environmental Acid Solutions (EAS), a company based in Merritt, North Carolina, whose primary focus is to provide full service sulfuric acid plant maintenance services throughout the US, will bring catalyst handling and acid tower repair into the twenty-first century. Its innovative international patent pending processes and equipment will establish EAS as the leading maintenance and repair service provider in the sulfuric acid industry.  EAS has been in operation since 2013. www.easglobal.us
El Dorado Metals, Inc. El Dorado Metals specializes in lead lined process equipment and lead burning and repairs to equipment. www.eldomet.com
Acid plant maintenance services www.highimpactacidsolutions.com.au
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We are process experts for corrosion, heat and pressure.  We offer custom engineered expansion joints, dampers,and brick linings for acid plants and smelters.  We design custom solutions tailored for each plant process, and then build, deliver, and oversee installation.

JL Goslar is an expert in the processing of lead, tin, and their alloys  www.jlgoslar.de
John Power Engineering specialize in; Acid Plants Maintenance, Engineering Solutions through New Technology and the General Engineering in metal and fiber-glass reinforced PVC fabrication. John Power Engineering ushering a new world vision in Engineering. We are your best choice, for quality results. www.johnpowereng.co.zw
new2.gif (111 bytes) Strategically located in central Canada, approximately 340km from Toronto, Ontario, Lopes is able to fabricate and deliver anywhere in the world.  We have the team and equipment to tackle any fabrication job, and the expertise to navigate even the most logistically complex projects. Close in proximity to the Trans-Canada Highway, and a direct spur line tied into Canadian Pacific and Canadian National rail lines, moving objects on a massive scale is never a problem. www.lopes.ca new2.gif (111 bytes)
Midwest Steel Dismantled and relocated Copperhill, TN acid plant to Brazil www.midwest-steel.com
  Fabrication and installation of sulphuric plant equipment and turn around execution
Demolition of a number of acid plants for Huntsman Tioxide Europe www.ronhulldemolition.co.uknew2.gif (111 bytes)
SMA is, at a national level, a leading Company in industrial cleaning and maintenance services.  We are committed to our clients, providing knowledge, focus and momentum to push the development of their projects. www.smaltda.com new2.gif (111 bytes)
Southeast Industrial
Acid plant maintenance, distributor repair, tower packing/removal/replacement, cleaning
Stress Engineering Services, Inc. At Stress Engineering our focus is to provide the sulfuric acid industry with results oriented, engineered solutions to crucial issues such as fitness for service, risk, and remaining life analysis. www.acidplantreliability.com

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Providing worldwide sulfuric acid plant maintenance services since 1977. www.vipinc.com