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Suppliers - Materials of Construction
December 15, 2023


Company General Description Website/e-mail
Acid resistance Cold Fusion Concrete (CFC)TM
The A-Series gives a final solution to acid-based corrosion issues in any industry. With an unmatched product profile that includes total acid resistance (with no top-coating), extended life-cycle, return to service in hours and superior bonding with existing concrete and metal structures
Kalmatron Corporation KALMATRON® (U.S.A. Patent 5,728,208) is a water reducer, plasticizer, water proofing and shrinkage controlling agent, curing compound, corrosion inhibitor, cement class upgrading and high early strength admixture. www.kalmatron.com



Company General Description Website/e-mail
Meehanite Ductile iron piping www.meehanite.com
Edmeston AB 

Sandvik SX (UNS S32615) is a high silicon containing austenitic stainless steel.  It was developed by Sandvik exclusively for use in concentrated sulphuric acid.  Edmeston AB is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sandvik and introduced SX to the industry in 1985.  Edmeston continue to market SX world wide through its licensees, agents and representatives.  Edmeston has developed a complete standard for pipes, flanges and fittings made of SX.  The standard is based on ASME B 31.3 and covers the size range from DN 25 (1”) up to DN 600 (24”).  Flanges are available in ISO, PN 10 and ANSI B16.5 (150 lb) standards.  Larger dimensions and other custom parts are manufactured according to individual customer needs. www.edmeston.se
Chas. S. Lewis Pumps  LEWMET www.lewispumps.com
MECS, Inc. ZeCorr - high silicon stainless steel www.mecsglobal.com
Chemetics - SARAMET www.worley.com
Acid Piping Technology Mondi www.acidpiping.com
Van Meerbeeck Export S.A. Family-owned company, Van Meerbeeck Export S.A. is a stockist and distributor of carbon steels and high corrosion resistant grades (stainless + nickel alloys) active for more than 140 years.  We specialize in high corrosion Stainless steel AISI 904L/W.NR 1.4539/UNS N08904/Uranus B6. This is a high corrosion resistant grade typically used in the production and transport of sulfuric acid, metal pickling in sulfuric acid and the production and concentration of phosphoric acid. www.vmexport.be
new2.gif (111 bytes) XDSS Alloy System www.xuanda.com new2.gif (111 bytes)


Plastic Lining
Company General Description Website/e-mail
Resistoflex Resistoflex® manufactures a steel housed lined pipe system with a choice of liner options such as PTFE, ETFE, PFVD, and Poly Propylene. The offering provides corrosion resistance in sulfuric acid service for concentrations from dilute (<29%) to concentrated (98.3%) up to a temperature of 232oC (450oF). www.resistoflex.com

Tantalum Coating

Company General Description Website/e-mail
Tantaline-logo.jpg (2588 bytes) Tantaline is a world leader in producing superb corrosion resistant and inert surfaces utilizing Tantaline's Alloy Bonding Surface Technology and tantalum metal, the most corrosion resistant metal that is commercially available.
Tantaline’s technology is ideal for many industrial applications spanning chemical processing, oil & gas, pharmaceutical processing, offshore and electroplating industries that demand superior corrosion resistance and chemically inert materials at elevated temperatures.


Diffusion Coatings

Company General Description Website/e-mail
Endurance Technologies (Canada) EndurAlon diffuses aluminum into the substrate of materials and offers superior resistance to high temperature sulfidization, oxidization, carburization, scaling and hydrogen permeation. The process can be applied to both the inside and outside surfaces of tubing up to 15 meters in length. The process can be applied to all types of materials, including plain carbon and low alloy grade steels, ferritic and austentic steels, and highly alloyed nickel chromium steels. www.endurancetechnologies.com
National Research Development Corporation (NRDC) Calorizing technology www.nrdcindia.com/pages/calori.htm
Quantum Ceramalloy Inc.  (Canada) Calorizing www.q-c-inc.com
VaporKote (USA) VaporKote offers aluminizing (calorizing) for high temperature corrosion resistance specifically for piping, tubing and furnace equipment.  Since 1987, VaporKote has applied its diffusion process to drastically increase the service life of components that suffer from corrosion due to sulfidation, oxidation and carburization. www.vaporkote.com



Company General Description Website/e-mail
Sulzer Metco Metallizing www.sulzermetco.com
Thermal Spray Technologies LLC A professional thermal spray coating company which continuously provides services to our valued customers.  Our thermal spray coating technique can prvent the coated parts from corrosion, erosion, abrasion and wear and tear.  Moreover, it can also restore the wear and tear mechanism parts back into good condition beofre having defect.  By providing the ternal spray coating many kinds of spraying materials have their own unique properties like aluminum, nickel aluminum, chrome stainless, babbit, zinc, tungsten carbide, etc. have been selected to serve our customer needs. thermalspray@mail.com

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