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Acid Plant Database  July 13, 2021

Owner Sprea Misr
Location Al Asher Men Ramadan
El-Salam Sharkeya
Al Salam First
Cairo Governorate
Background Founded in 1989 and acquired by EKH in 2007
Website www.spreamisr.com
Coordinates* 30° 16' 28" N 31° 46' 31" E (Site)
Type of Plant Sulphur Burning
Gas Source Elemental Sulphur
Plant Capacity 132,000 MTPA
Status Engineering and Construction
Year Built 2022
Contractor Nuberg EPC
Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC) and Lump sum Turnkey (LSTK) Project
General Sprea Misr has developed into one of the largest manufacturers and exporters of petrochemicals and plastics in Egypt, thanks to the careful management and oversight of EKH, which holds a 100% stake in the company.Sprea Misr produces top-of-the-line urea, melamine and formaldehyde products at its factory complex in 10th of Ramadan City. Our 41,439-square-meter facilities have a combined 270 kiloton production capacity. Flagship products include molding compounds, glues and resins, as well as new production lines of Formica sheets and powder glue launched in 2013. Our Formica plant is strategically planned to replace imports, with capacity currently at around 1.8 million sheets per annum at year’s end 2014twice that of its initial capacity at inception in July 2013. With specialized production facilities and a unique range of petrochemical products, Sprea Misr is the trusted supplier of large and small companies alike both in Egypt and abroad, enjoying a healthy market share across its product lines in Egypt thanks to unmatched pricing, quality and after-sales service.
News July 13, 2021 - A source with the Egypt Kuwait Holding has exclusively told Daily News Egypt that the company has earmarked $180m for capital expenditures in its subsidiaries this year.The funds will be channelled to: ONS, which will receive $80m; a medium density fibreboard (MDF) project, which will also receive $80m; Kahraba, which will receive $10m; and Sprea Misr’s sulphric acid project, which will receive $18m.The source added that the company’s management has disclosed that the MDF project is on track to be inaugurated in the first half (H1) of 2022 with a preliminary capacity of 600m3 /day on one production line. The capacity is set to be doubled via a second line after 1.5 years of operations. The project is expected to cover above 400,000 m3 of Egypt’s yearly MDF import needs.Meanwhile, Sprea Misr’s sulphuric acid project is expected to come at an investment cost of $18m, and will be self-financed from the subsidiary’s healthy net-cash position of EGP 1,500m.The project will add $4-5m in attributable net income to Sprea Misr in H2 of 2022. 

March 10, 2021
- The management of Egypt Kuwait Holding (EKH) has expressed their bullish sentiment for 2021 across their multiple lines of business, with major catalysts on the horizon.  A source said that studies and due diligence are being conducted further to entering the Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) fuelling stations field, and making use of the government’s CNG initiatives.  Regarding the subsidiary Sprea Misr, its sulphuric acid project is expected to commence operations in the first half (H1) of 2022, and will produce about 132,000/mtpa. This would both cover the needs of Sprea Misr, with the rest to be sold to the Alexandria Fertilizers Company (AlexFert).  The sulphuric acid project is expected to come at an investment cost of $18m, and will be self-financed from Sprea Misr’s healthy net-cash position of EGP 1.5bn. The project will add $4-5m in attributable net income to Sprea Misr in H2 of 2022.  On the other hand, the source disclosed that EKH is considering increasing their stake in AlexFert beyond the current 45.3%, in an effort to unlock further value from the subsidiary.  Despite being a commodity driven line of business, the management remained bullish on AlexFert’s future prospects, given the potential upside that may arise from the liberalisation of the local market.  There are also projected boosts from the potential cuts in feedstock prices and the potential for classifying AlexFert as a free zone entity. As a result, this will potentially exempt it from future tax bills, and result in yearly cost savings of around $9m-$10m ($4-5m in attributable net income)  The source also disclosed that EKH-affiliated Nile Wood company’s medium-density fibreboard (MDF) project is on track to be inaugurated in H1 of 2022, with a preliminary capacity of 600 cbm/day from one production line. The capacity should be doubled through a second line after 1.5 years of operations.  The MDF project, which is set to cost EGP 1.4bn, is expected to cover north of 400,000 cbm of Egypt’s yearly MDF needs.  EKH has also disclosed that they have obtained an EGP 793m line of credit from the National Bank of Egypt (NBE), at a competitive 8% rate and a tenor of eight years.  It also anticipates that each production line will contribute around $8m-$9m to EKH’s bottom line per year. 


January 21, 2021 - Nuberg EPC (New Delhi, India) has been awarded the prestigious 500 ton/d sulfuric acid plant project on EPC & LSTK basis in Egypt. The project, which was awarded during the pandemic, is owned by Sprea Misr, a leading chemicals and plastics manufacturer in Ramadan City, Egypt. Nuberg EPC will be the single-point solution company responsible from concept to commissioning of the project. It is also the globally recognized Sulfuric Acid technology supplier.  The 500 ton/d sulfuric acid plant project will be based on the latest Double Contact Double Absorption (DCDA) process technology. The Double contact process is used for the production of sulfuric acid in high concentrations which is required for industrial purposes. The project also incorporates a 5-MW turbine with a steam-based power generation plant with a complete bypass arrangement. This is the first time that Nuberg EPC is building a turbine unit for electricity production. Sulfuric acid produced in the plants will be provided to the agriculture industry for the production of urea and other fertilizers.  This project comes as another milestone for Nuberg EPC, the sulfuric acid technology licensor, in Egypt, as it is the fourth turnkey project for the company. Nuberg has also completed three other turnkey projects in Egypt namely, a caustic soda plant for the Egyptian Petrochemical Co. in Alexandria, a calcium chloride plant for TCI Sanmar Chemicals in Port Said, and a sulfuric acid plant for Agrochem in Alexandria.  Signing the contract amidst the pandemic is yet another achievement for Nuberg EPC. In the Middle East, Nuberg EPC has successfully delivered over fifteen turnkey projects in countries like Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and the UAE. This has positioned Nuberg EPC as one of the top EPC companies in the region.  On being awarded the project, Mr. A. K. Tyagi, MD, Nuberg Engineering commented, “We are thankful to Sprea Misr for entrusting our turnkey project engineering capabilities and our EPC services and solutions with its Sulfuric Acid plant. We are excited to partner with them and strengthen our relationship even further. Armed with competent, qualified, and professional engineers along with advancements in sulfuric acid plant technology, we are committed to commission the project by the first quarter of 2022 faster than the industry average of 16 months.”  He further stated, “Nuberg EPC’s scope of services for this project includes process design & technology including product and technology development, process know-how & licensing, basic engineering, front-end engineering design (FEED), construction management, operation & maintenance, detailed engineering, project management, commissioning, EPC & LSTK solutions, heavy fabrication, and start-up of the plant.”   Sulfuric acid is used for a wide range of applications in the hydrocarbon (oil & gas) industry and is one of the most important industrial chemicals. The major use of sulfuric acid is in the production of fertilizers, in petroleum refining to wash impurities out of gasoline, in derivatives, and other refinery & petrochemical products, in processing metals, and in automobiles as the electrolyte in the lead-acid storage battery.  Nuberg EPC has been providing plant design, engineering, technology, and turnkey solutions to the sulfuric acid industry for 25 years. Nuberg EPC has its own technology specially designed and developed to increase the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of sulfuric acid plants. The company is a global leader for not only executing turnkey chemical and fertilizer projects worldwide but also serves hydrocarbon, steel, and nuclear & defense industries globally.

MTPD - Metric Tonne per Day           STPD - Short Ton per Day
MTPA - Metric Tonne per Annum      STPA - Short Ton per Annum
SA - Single Absorption
DA - Double Absorption

* Coordinates can be used to locate plant on Google Earth