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Acid Plant Database  December 25, 2015

Owner Navoi Mining & Metallurgy Combinat (NMMC)


Location Uchkuduk
Background -
Website www.ngmk.uz
Plant -
Coordinates* 42° 9' 8" N, 63° 41' 51" E
Type of Plant -
Gas Source -
Plant Capacity 450,000 MTPA
Emissions -
Status -
Year Built 1985
Technology -
Contractor -
Remarks Sulphuric acid production is part of the Northern Mining Administration (NMA) Uchkuduk operation which is involved in in-situ leaching uranium mining and processing.
Pictures Navoi Mining and Metallurgy 1.jpg (156897 bytes)  Navoi Mining and Metallurgy 2.jpg (156768 bytes)
General Today NMMC is a large multi-profile industrial complex that in addition to exploration, mining and production of uranium, gold, fluor-spar, construction materials and phosphorites includes into its activity production of marble goods, sulfuric acid, jewelry, knitted and textile goods, machines and household equipment. NMMC’s successful development is a result of step by step providing the production facilities with modern equipment for mining, excavating, transporting, metallurgy, drilling, prospecting, construction, machine building, metal-working and analytical measurements. They are also equipped with computers, checking and measuring apparatus, automatic machinery, automated quality control systems, designing control systems and mining works preparation control systems.
References (1) Sulphur No. 320 – January-February 2009

The capacity of sulfuric acid production in Uzbekistan will increase by 1.4 times, from 950 metric tons to 1,300 metric tons per year by 2020, according to the decree of Uzbekistan’s Cabinet of Ministers.  The government decree envisages increasing the capacity by constructing new sulfuric acid producing facilities (with capacity of 650,000 metric tons per year each) at Ammofos-Maxam JSC and Navoi Mining and Metallurgical Combine.  It is planned to commission the facilities at Ammofos-Maxam and Navoi Mining and Metallurgical Combine in 2018 and 2019, respectively.  Meanwhile, the outdated facilities for sulfuric acid production will be decommissioned at Ammofos-Maxam (with capacity of 500,000 metric tons per year) and Navoi Mining and Metallurgical Combine (450,000 metric tons per year).  It is planned to finance the projects with the own funds of the Uzhimprom State Joint Stock Company, Uzbek Fund for Reconstruction and Development, loans from local and foreign banks, own funds of Ammofos-Maxam and Navoi Combine.  However, the cost of the projects is not specified in the government decree.  The general contractors for construction of the facilities on a “turnkey” basis will be determined through closed tenders.  Ammofos-Maxam JSC, commissioned in 1969, is the largest of the three chemical enterprises producing phosphate fertilizers in Uzbekistan. The design capacity allows to produce over 338,000 metric tons of ammophos, 500,000 metric tons of sulfuric acid and 417,000 metric tons of wet-process phosphoric acid per year.  Spanish MAXAM Corp. obtained 49 percent of the enterprise’s share for $18 million and investment commitments worth $30 million in January 2008. The state is the owner of 51 percent of the block of shares.  Navoi Mining and Metallurgical Combine is one of the largest gold producers in Central Asia. The combine is fully owned by the state. The annual production volume nears $2 billion.

January 2009 - The Navoiy Mining and Metallurgical Combine company has announced that it will invest $12 million to upgrade a sulphuric acid facility to increase sulphuric acid production from 400,000 t/a to 450,000 t/a in order to boost uranium production, according to Fertilizer Week.  The additional sulphuric acid will be used to process uranium ore at a new extraction facility at the Northern Konimekh deposit. Once completed, the new sulphuric acid facility will help Navoiy boost uranium production by approximately 50%. (1)

MTPD - Metric Tonne per Day           STPD - Short Ton per Day
MTPA - Metric Tonne per Annum      STPA - Short Ton per Annum
SA - Single Absorption
DA - Double Absorption

* Coordinates can be used to locate plant on Google Earth