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Acid Plant Database   Septemvber 8, 2021

Owner Lualaba Copper Smelter SAS  
Location DRC
Background The Lualaba Copper Smelter is 60%-owned by China Nonferrous Metal  Mining Group (CNMC) of Beijing, China. Yunnan Copper of Kunming, China, owns the remaining 40%.
Website www.cnmc.com.cn
Plant Lualaba Copper Smelter
Coordinates* 10° 49' 42" S, 25° 41' 31" E
Type of Plant Metallurgical
Gas Source Copper
Plant Capacity 240,000 MTPA
Status Operating
Year Built 2021
Remarks Liquid SO2: 30,000 MTPA
General Smelter Capacity 120,000 tpy blister copper
News January 21, 2020 - On January 15, 2020 local time, Deziwa Mining and Lualaba Copper Smelter, jointly funded by CNMC, held a joint commissioning ceremony in Kolwezi city of Lualaba Province in D.R.C. President of D.R.C Felix Tshisekedi Zisekdit sent a delegation to the event while the Chinese Embassy in the Democratic Republic of Congo gave a letter of congratulations to CNMC.  The main venue of the ceremony took place in Deziwa Mining Company and the Lualaba Copper Smelter had its side event.  At the Lualaba side event, CNMC’s Chairman Wang Tongzhou together with the distinguished guests cut the ribbon for the first batch of copper blister products made from Lualaba copper smelter and handed over the RL substation key to the SNEL---the national electricity company of D.R.C.  At the main venue, Chairman Wang Tongzhou accompanied the President representative Karbonda Cannes, Richard Muyeji, Governor of Lualaba Province and Gecamines Representative Jack jointly unveil the ceremony.  Afterwards, the guests delivered their speeches respectively.  Mr. Karbonda Cannes said in his speech that China and D.R.C have witnessed the completion and operation of the Deziwa Mining and Lualaba Copper Smelting Project. They are the result of practical cooperation between the two countries. The D.R.C government will always listen to the opinions of its partners and work together to build a strong partnership in the new era.  The Chinese ambassador to the D.R.C in the congratulatory letter stated that since the beginning of these two projects, you have against all odds completed the projects in a short period of time and put them into commercial production. These two projects demonstrate China's speed and strength and your determination to make greater contributions to a closer China-Africa community of shared future through our real actions in response to the Belt and Road initiative.  Chairman Wang Tongzhou said that the completion of these two projects symbolized our commitment to follow through on the go global strategy and Eight Major initiatives under the FOCAC. These are also the win-win results of our cooperation in production capacity area. Guided by Belt and Road initiative with Africa business at its core, CNMC prioritizes over copper-related international business. The D.R.C is a new area of investment for us to dig in. Moving forward, CNMC is willing to further practical cooperation in the Congo (DRC) to achieve win-win results and make greater contributions to a solid friendship between the two countries.  Governor Richard Muyeji said in his remarks that since the beginning of the construction, CNMC has never failed to live up to our expectations and eventually made it. The project was completed 150 days ahead of the planned schedule of April 2020. “Big support for big projects with great prospects”, said the governor.  Gecamines Representative Jack lauded that it is a miracle for CNMC to complete building such a modern Deziwa and put it into production in such a short period of time. CNMC is a pioneer in the mining area to achieve a true win-win situation for both parties.  During the event, Chairman Wang Tongzhou presented with a bronze sculpture symbolizing the friendship between China and China and gave it to President Representative Karbonda Cannes.

MTPD - Metric Tonne per Day           STPD - Short Ton per Day
MTPA - Metric Tonne per Annum      STPA - Short Ton per Annum
SA - Single Absorption
DA - Double Absorption

* Coordinates can be used to locate plant on Google Earth