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Acid Plant Database August 28, 2009

Owner Kingamyambo Musonoi Tailings SARL

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Background -
Location Katanga Province
Democratic Republic of Congo
Website www.first-quantum.com
Plant -
Coordinates* -
Type of Plant Sulphur Burning
Gas Source Elemental Sulphur
Plant Capacity -
Emissions -
Status -
Year Built -
Technology -
Contractor -
Remarks -
Pictures Kingamyambo-Musonoi-Tailings-2.jpg (78045 bytes)
General First Quantum Minerals Ltd is a mining and metals company focused on Africa. It owns 65% of Kingamyambo Musonoi Tailings SARL (''KMT''), which is the project company of the Kolwezi tailings project.   The Kolwezi project involves the construction of a copper and cobalt processing plant and associated facilities to process tailings in Katanga province of the Democratic Republic of Congo. These tailings were produced in the 1950s from mining operations that, due to the poor recovery rates obtained at the time, discharged valuable amounts of copper and cobalt resources into the tailings dam. The Kolwezi tailings are located in two deposits – the Kingamyambo tailings dam and the Musunoi river tailings. Currently, the dam consists of 112 million tonnes grading 1.49% copper and 0.29% cobalt (total metal content is estimated at 1,676,000 tonnes of copper and 363,000 tonnes of cobalt). The Project will produce about 70,000tpa of copper metal and up to 14,000tpa of cobalt hydroxide.  IFC contributed about US$4.5 million in equity funding (for a 7.5% equity stake in KMT) during the first phase of this project which involved the preparation of a bankable feasibility study. Other shareholders of KMT are; the DRC Government – 5%, Gécamines (a State-owned entity) – 12.5%, and the Industrial Development Corporation (“IDC”) of South Africa – 10%.

Subsequent to the disclosure of this ERS in March 2005, First Quantum Minerals (FQM) took over as the principal shareholder of this project from Adastra Minerals Inc. The 18-month hiatus following the FQM take-over has involved a process review by the new owners of the project leading to design changes and improvements. The Environment & Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) documentation has been updated to reflect these design modifications and has incorporated IFC’s new Performance Standards and Environmental, Health & Safety Guidelines. Local disclosure of the updated ESIA documentation was undertaken during the first week of April, 2008, in Kolwezi and Lubumbashi, DRC. This amended Environmental Review Summary is being published for information purposes only, in the interests of transparency, in order to make the updated ESIA documentation available to non-local stakeholders at the earliest possible stage (i.e. as the main construction phase begins). IFC is currently in the process of evaluating providing financial support to the construction and operation of the Kolwezi Tailings Project. If and when IFC opts to provide financing, a comprehensive Environmental and Social Review Summary (ESRS) and Summary of Project Information (SPI) will be disclosed on the IFC disclosure portal, together with the same (attached) ESIA documentation, in accordance with IFC disclosure policies.

References -

August 28, 2009 - Traffic ground to a halt on Chota Motala (Old Greytown) Road when six abnormal load trucks drove through the city yesterday on their way to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).  One of the trucks slipped gears in the wet weather and stopped, blocking access for the other five trucks.  Msunduzi Municipality traffic department spokesman, Senior Superintendent Kwenza Khumalo, said traffic had to be diverted along an alternative route.  The trucks were carrying components for a plant to produce sulphuric acid in the DRC.  A Durban company, Metso ND Engineering, was chosen to build the equipment. Its spokesman, Nolan Green, said the company is one of the leading fabricators of process equipment in the mining, paper and pulp, petrochemicals and sugar industries.  The trucks were hauling a hot heat exchanger, a cold heat exchanger, a drying tower, an interpass absorption tower, a final absorption tower and a sulphur burner.  Green said the equipment will be used at the Kingamyambo Musonoi Tailings project in the DRC. “This project is primarily for the reprocessing of tailings for the extraction of copper and cobalt.”  Khumalo said the trucks were travelling on an approved route for abnormal loads. The journey should take three weeks.

MTPD - Metric Tonne per Day           STPD - Short Ton per Day
MTPA - Metric Tonne per Annum      STPA - Short Ton per Annum
SA - Single Absorption
DA - Double Absorption

* Coordinates can be used to locate plant on Google Earth