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Acid Plant Database September 6, 2011

Owner JSC Sumykhimprom

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Kharkovskaya Str. P/O 12
40012 Sumy


Background 1949 - Construction begins
Website www.sumykhimprom.com.ua
Plant Sulphuric Acid
Plant No. 1
Sulphuric Acid
Plant No. 2
Sulphuric Acid
Plant No. 3
Sulphuric Acid
Plant No. 4
Sulphuric Acid
Plant No. 5
Sulphuric Acid
Plant No. 6
Coordinates* 50° 52' 37" N, 34° 53' 1" E (site)
Type of Plant - - - Sulphur Burning - -
Gas Source - - - Elemental Sulphur - -
Plant Capacity - - - 180,000 ton/y
2006: 250,000 t/y
340,000 t/y -
SA/DA - - - 5 bed - -
Emissions - - - - - -
Status - - - - - -
Year Built 1954 1962 - - 1973 1978
Technology - - - - - -
Contractor - - - - - -
Remarks - - - Rebuit in 2006 - -
Pictures JSC-Sumykhimprom-1.jpg (188960 bytes)  JSC-Sumykhimprom-2.jpg (181292 bytes)  JSC-Sumykhimprom-3.jpg (130348 bytes)  JSC-Sumykhimprom-4.jpg (142445 bytes)
General Public Joint-Stock Company Sumykhimprom is a large energy chemical complex with area 226 ha. The company is located on Northeast Ukraine. Number of employees: 5960. The company includes 13 main plants, 22 service plants, 3 daughter companies, 10 subdivisions of non-industrial group (catering center, greenhouse complex, etc.).

JSC Sumykhimprom has status of the basic company in the chemical industry of Ukraine producing phosphate mineral fertilizers.

Main activities of JSC Sumykhimprom:

- production of phosphate fertilizers and other goods of large-capacity inorganic chemistry;
- design, design and research, research works;
- wholesale and retail trade;
- intermediate services on consumer goods sales;
- construction organisations.

Today range of goods produced by JSC Sumykhimprom consists of about twenty five names of the basic chemistry products, including: Superagro N:P:K 15:15:15, Granphos, Superphosphate ammoniated, pigment Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxide Red and Yellow, Sulfuric Acid, Oleum, reactive Sulfuric Acid, coagulants to treat potable water and sewage (Aluminium Sulfate, Ferric Suphate (III)), paints, construction lime, cement activator, consumer goods, etc.

References -
News December 8, 2006 - Sulfuric Acid Plant #4 was commissioned after reconstruction. Minister of Industrial Policy of Ukraine Golovko A.I., people’s deputy Lapin E.V. and management of OJSC Sumykhimprom were present at the ceremony.  Replacement of catalyst unit was effected by OJSC Sumykhimprom together with SNPO Frunze (machine-building plant) and Ukrkhimproject (design institute).  Plant modernization results in increase of capacity from 180 thousand tons Sulfuric Acid to 250 thousand tons (by 39%), and lifetime of the plant by 15 years. Besides, consumption rates of the main raw materials and energy resources will be decreased and energy saving technologies will be applied.  Particularly, new technical decisions provide for operation of 5-layer catalyst case that will increase conversion rate to 98,5% and enable to make gases posttreatment on the sanitary plant. Commissioning of the Plant enables the company not only to operate using sulfuric acid of own production, but also to increase sales of improved oleum and technical sulfuric acid, to increase steam production and as a result – to decrease natural gas consumption.   Commissioning of the new equipment will improve sufficiently ecological situation within the company itself, as well as within the region.  Works have been started since the 4th quarter 2005 (design), equipment was produced and erected within 2006.   Minister of Industrial Policy Golovko A.I. declared: “Policy that is realized by management of the company keeps step with policy of the country… The main thing is that development is under way, there are funds and decisions that help the company to grow.”  People’s deputy Lapin E.V. underlined that this reconstruction was planned during 15 years and only last years financial situation enabled to effect it.   “This is one of the first serious decisions that was taken and realized in the whole chemical industry of Ukraine”, - stated the people’s deputy.  In parallel with finishing reconstruction of Sulfuric Acid Plant #4 the company is constructing sulfur storage with melting section. Storage capacity is provided to accept and store 20 thousand tons of lump sulfur, and melting sections are to process and supply sulfur to all three technological lines of Sulfuric Acid production taking into account increase of production volumes at this units. Commissioning of this object for many years will eliminate problem of sulfur acceptance, storage and processing. Estimated period of object commissioning – 20th January 2007.  Total costs of OJSC Sumykhimprom for reconstruction of Sulfuric Acid Plant #4 and construction of the new sulfur storage with melting section will exceed USD 10 mln.

MTPD - Metric Tonne per Day           STPD - Short Ton per Day
MTPA - Metric Tonne per Annum      STPA - Short Ton per Annum
SA - Single Absorption
DA - Double Absorption

* Coordinates can be used to locate plant on Google Earth