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Acid Plant Database  October 8, 2020

Owner Eti Bakir A.S.

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Location Mardin
Background 1968 - Karadeniz Bakir Isletmesi A.S. (KBI)
2004 – Company privatized and name changed to Eti Bakir A.S. Part of Cengiz Holding www.cengiz.com.tr
Website www.etibakir.com.tr
Plant Mazidagi Phosphate Plant
Type of Plant Metallurgical
Gas Source Pyrite Roaster
Plant Capacity Roaster Capacity: 500,000 t/a
Acid Plant: 2080 MTPD, 700,000 MTPA
Basis: 8000 h operation per year
SA/DA 3/1 DA
Emissions -
Status Operating
Year Built 2019
Technology Outotec
Contractor Cengiz Holding
Remarks Mercury Removal System
HEROS energy recovery system - 20 t/h, 7 barg, 170oC
PORS - Plant Operability Reliability and Safety

Vessel Fabrication by SiMGETEK İmalat ve Mühendislik A.Ş.
- Cold Heat Exchanger, 321SS/P265GH (Ø4866 x 24360 mm, 1138 - Ø76.1 x 2.9 x 13670L, 16Mo3 - 130 ton)
- Internal Heat Exchanger, 321H SS, (Ø6050 x 6021 mm, 3634 - Ø38 x 2 x 4445L, 321H SS - 43 ton)
- Cold Reheat Exchanger, 321SS/P265GH (Ø5662 x 23456 mm, 4494 - Ø42.4 x 2.6 x 14570L, 321SS - 224 ton)
- CORD Heat Exchanger, 316L SS (Ø4120 x 7934 mm, 450 - Ø114.3 x 2.3 x 2770L, 316L SS - 21 ton)
- Intermediate Heat Exchanger, 321SS/16Mo3 (Ø3966 x 13615 mm, 388 - Ø114.3 x 2.3 x 4860L, 16Mo3 - 36 ton)
- Converter, 321SS/321H SS (Ø13924 x 28578 mm - 387 ton)
- Drying Tower, 316L SS/S235JR (Ø7924 x 15548 mm - 66 ton)
- Final Absorption Tower, 316L SS/S235JR (Ø8814 x 22060 mm - 70 ton)
- Intermediate Absorption Tower, 316L SS/S235JR (Ø9814 x 25180 mm - 76 ton)

- Venturi, 310SS/S235JR (Ø3440 x 16581 mm - 20 ton)
- HEROS Pump Tank, SX/S235JR (Ø6570 x 4259 mm - 18 ton)
- IAT Pump Tank, 316L SS/S235JR (Ø5670 x 3685 mm - 12 ton)
- Dilution Pump Tank, 316L SS/S235JR (Ø2366 x 2845 mm - 3 ton)
- DT Pump Tank, 316L SS/S235JR (Ø5574 x 3685 mm - 13 ton)
- FAT Pump Tank, 316L SS/S235JR (Ø5020 x 3685 mm - 11 ton)
SiMGETEK İmalat ve Mühendislik A.Ş.
General Eti Bakir Co. Mazidagi Phosphate Plants are established in the district of Mazidagi in Mardin. They are at 90km to Diyarbakir, 65 km to Mardin and 520 km to the Port of Iskenderun.The plant was established in 1974 to fulfil a portion of Turkey’s phosphate fertilizer requirement and reduce her dependency on imports. Later on it was transferred to the Privatisation Administration by a resolution of the Supreme Board of Privatisation and was put out to tender in 2011. In July 2011 Cengiz Holding purchased the plant and included it in its family.Mazidagi Phosphate Plants has started its operations to: fulfil a portion of Turkey’s fertilizer need, where as a country of agriculture Turkey relies on imports; create employment, and; contribute to the economy of Turkey. The plant’s capacity for producing phosphate rock is 550,000 tons per year.

The Eti Bakır A.Ş. Mazıdağı Phosphate Plant in Mardin was taken over by Cengiz Holding in 2011 and the annual phosphate rock production capacity of the plant exceeds 550,000 tons. The new fertilizer plant is expected to be the biggest private sector investment in Eastern and South Eastern Anatolian Regions. The Mazıdağı Fertilizer plant will generate all the power it needs and it is anticipated that 85% of its raw material requirement will be met from within Turkey. The plant’s initial share of the fertilizer market will be 20%. The Mazıdağı Phosphate and Fertilizer Plant, which will be the only fertilizer plant in the region, will have an annual production of 750,000 tons of fertilizer, 200,000 tons of DAP and 550,000 tons of NP, meeting the entire fertilizer requirements of the Harran Plain.
References Sulphur 2019
Sulfuric Acid Today, Fall/Winter 2019
News December 27, 2013 - Outotec will deliver technology and services worth more than €100m to Cengiz Group for its Mazidagi and Samsun operations in Turkey.  The orders include a roasting plant for pyrite concentrates, calcine leaching and solvent extraction plants, copper smelter modernization, as well as gas cleaning and sulfuric acid plants.  The orders will be booked in Outotec's 2013 fourth quarter order intake.

MTPD - Metric Tonne per Day           STPD - Short Ton per Day
MTPA - Metric Tonne per Annum      STPA - Short Ton per Annum
SA - Single Absorption
DA - Double Absorption

* Coordinates can be used to locate plant on Google Earth