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Acid Plant Database  April 8, 2012

Owner Yunnan Chihong Zinc and Germanium Co. Ltd.

Yunnan-Chihong-Zinc-Ge-Logo.gif (14641 bytes)


Economic & Technical Development Zone
Qujing City
Yunnan Province

Background Share controlled by China Yunnan Metallurgical Group (CYMG) www.cymg.com Yunnan-Metallurgical-Group-Logo.jpg (7777 bytes)
Website www.chxz.com
Plant -
Coordinates* 25° 32' 49” N, 103° 43' 57” E 25° 32' 49” N, 103° 43' 59” E
Type of Plant Metallurgical Metallurgical
Gas Source Lead

Fluid bed Roaster

Hot Gas Cleaning - Waste Heat Boiler (Radiation and Convection Sections)
- Hot Electrostatic Precipitator
Plant Capacity - 260,000 STPA
SA/DA - -
Emissions - -
Status - -
Year Built - -
Technology - -
Contractor - -
Remarks Production
zinc products: 160,000 tons
lead products: 100,000 tons
germanium products: 10 tons
sulfuric acid: 260,000 tons
silver: 150 tons

gold: 80 kilograms
Smelting Capacity: 160,000 MTPA lead concentrate
Replaces sinter machine
Pictures Yunnan-Chihong-Zn-Ge-1.jpg (198493 bytes)  Yunnan-Chihong-Zinc-Ge-1.JPG (138128 bytes)  Yunnan-Chihong-Zinc-Ge-2.JPG (76848 bytes)  China-Yunnan-Metallurgical-2.jpg (23365 bytes)  Yunnan-Chihong-Zn-Ge-2.jpg (42577 bytes)  Yunnan-Chihong-Zn-Ge-3.jpg (33370 bytes) 
Yunnan-Chihong-Zinc-Ge-3.JPG (32902 bytes)  China-Yunnan-Metallurgical-3.jpg (24572 bytes) Yunnan-Chihong-Zinc-Ge-4.JPG (39145 bytes)

Yunnan Chihong Zinc & Germanium Co., Ltd. was established on 18th July 2000 and headoffice is located at Economic & Technical Development Zone, Qujing City, Yunnan Province. The company mainly focus on mining, mineral processing, import & export business and domestic trade of Lead, Zinc and Germanium series products, it has a complete set of facilities and equipments for exploration, mining, ore dressing, smelting as well as chemical industry and scientific research. The company was listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange on 20th April, 2004 with SSE 600497.
The major sponsor of the company-Yunnan Huize Lead & Zinc Mine was established on 5th January 1951. It was one of the 156 key construction projects during the first “five-year plan” in China as well as the first enterprise that carried out the fuming enrichment technology to treat the low grade paragenesis ores which were difficult to process, meanwhile it could also treat both the oxide ores and sulfide ores. In addition, it is also the earliest company who extracted germanium from the lead-zinc oxide ores.
The company has implemented advanced, proven technology and processes along with the large-scale automated equipments. The company has introduced ISASMELT TSL smelting technology to produce lead which solved the pollution problem caused by SO2 produced during smelting. The largest roaster in China and world-2 class zinc striping machine can be found in the zinc plant, the whole production line are controlled through the automatic control with network systems. The company also introduced X-ray fluorescence analyzer, spectral analyzer, ICP, atomic absorbed spectrum analyzer, and atomic & fluorometric analyzer. Such big analysis and instrumental equipments strictly ensure the product qualities.
Lead, zinc and germanium series products have been sold well both in domestic and overseas market. The output and quality of germanium products rank top one in the country;Silver is neaning completion of registration at the LBMA, zinc and lead product are all LME registered brand, meanwhile the company is the only one in China that has been approved by LME as zinc tester.
The company is share-controlled by Yunnan Metallurgical Group Co., Ltd(YMGCO). Chihong is dedicated to developing one of five major fields of YMGCO –Lead and Zinc field. It owns mines and share-controlling companies at Huize, Qujing, Zhaotong, Jianshui,Lancang,Longling in Yunnan Province , also in Hei longjiang, Inner Mongolia, Ningnan in Sichuan as well as in Australia and Canada. At current, the company has formed comprehensive capacity as the following; mining capacity of 800kt/y, electrolytic zinc capacity of 180kt/y, electrolytic lead capacity of 100kt/y, germanium of 30t/y, silver of 150t, gold 120kg ,sulfuric acid of 13 million t/y. By the end of “ twelfth five-year” ,the company will form the following capacity: zinc output of 700kt/y,lead output of 300kt/y,silver 400t/y, gold of 800kg, germanium of 40t/y, indium 30t/y, Cadmium of 800t/y, bismuth of 300t/y, sulfuric acid 1.3million t/y. At that time,the company will form several production base at home and abroad. Now the zinc ingot with “Yin Xin” brand ,” lead ingot with “ Jin Sha” brand, germanium series products with “ Yin Jing” brand ,sulfuric acid with “Hua Da” have earned good reputation in the market. In order to implement the brand strategy, the company will change all the brands for the products into the common trade brand” Chihong Zn & Ge” from 2010

References -
News June 30, 2009 - XSTRATA Technology has announced that its ISASMELT top submerged lance (TSL) smelting technology has been chosen for its fifth smelter project in China.  The company has signed a contract with Yunnan Chihong Zn and Ge which is a subsidiary of Yunnan Metallurgical Group (YMG).  Philip Arthur, General Manager — Pyrometallurgy, says that Xstrata Technology (XT) would provide a lead smelting technology licence, engineering services, equipment and commissioning services for the Huize lead smelter project in Yunnan Province.  The new “green-field” smelter will combine an ISASMELT furnace with a blast furnace to smelt lead concentrates and zinc leach plant residues. XT and YMG jointly developed the innovative TSL-blast furnace process, patented as the ISA-YMG process. The first installation has been operating at Yunnan Chihong’s Qujing smelter in Yunnan for 4 years, and will be followed by the Kazzinc project in Kazakhstan (expected to be commissioned in 2010) and then the Huize plant.  Arthur says that Xstrata’s extensive experience in lead smelting includes operating a two-stage TSL at the company’s own Mount Isa lead smelter for several years. The ISA-YMG process has distinct advantages over the two-stage TSL process. He expects ISASMELT will become the technology of choice for new lead smelters to achieve low emissions and high efficiency. The intense mixing in TSL is ideal for oxidation and produces a high strength gas for sulphur capture, while blast furnaces are more efficient for reduction due to the counter-current flow of reductant gases and feed. The ISA-YMG process combines the best of both technologies, decoupling two continuous processes with an intermediate stockpile of solids.

MTPD - Metric Tonne per Day           STPD - Short Ton per Day
MTPA - Metric Tonne per Annum      STPA - Short Ton per Annum
SA - Single Absorption
DA - Double Absorption

* Coordinates can be used to locate plant on Google Earth