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Acid Plant Database June 28, 2015

Owner Cajamarquilla Refinery

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Location Carretera Central - Km 9,5 - Desvio a Huachipa
Lurigancho – Chosica - Lima
PO Box 430015 - Lima 43 Peru

Located 25 kilometers from Lima, Peru

Background 1981 - Facility built by Peruvian Government - Minero Peru S.A.
Refinery privatized and purchased by a consortium made up of Teck Cominco and Marubeni Corp.
2004 - Company acquired by Votorantim.  Purchase price $210 million
2005 - Votorantim Metals increased its Peruvian market share of zinc by acquiring a 25% share of the Milpo Mining Company, the country’s forth largest zinc mining company. This acquisition was accomplished through the Cajamarquilla Refinery, Votorantim’s holding company in Peru.
Website www.vmetais.com.br
Plant Plant No. 1 Plant No. 2
Coordinates* 11° 58' 1" S, 76° 53' 0" W 11° 58' 1" S, 76° 52' 58" W
Type of Plant Metallurgical Metallurgical
Gas Source Zinc
Fluid Bed Roaster (Area = 100 m2)
Fluid Bed Roaster
Hot Gas Cleaning Waste Heat Boiler - Cyclones (2) - Hot ESP (2) -
Wet Gas Cleaning Quench - Packed Cooling Tower - WESP -
Plant Capacity - -
SA/DA 3/1 DA -
Emissions - -
Status Operating Operating
Year Built 1977 2009
Technology Ralph M. Parsons Outotec
Contractor Mechim -

1998 - Plant revamped by Chemetics
        - graphite weak acid cooler replaced with plate heat exchangers
        - pellet catalyst changed to ring catalyst
        - gas/gas heat exchangers replaced
        - strong acid coolers relocated and replaced
        - upgraded instrumentation and controls

Outotec - Cajamarquilla
Pictures Cajamarquilla-Zinc-Refinery-3.jpg (108281 bytes)
Cajamarquilla Zinc Refinery 1.jpg (113975 bytes)    Cajamarquilla-Zinc-Refinery-2.JPG (69765 bytes)  
General 2007 - Compañía Sud Americana de Vapores (CSAV) has contract to transport sulphuric acid from site
References -
News January 2, 2015 - Outotec has been awarded a contract to supply gas cleaning technology for Votorantim Metais, part of the Votorantim Group, to the Cajamarquilla zinc refinery. The value of the order is approximately EUR 16 million and it has been booked in Outotec's fourth quarter 2014 order intake.Outotec's scope of delivery includes engineering and supply of Peracidox® sulfur dioxide (SO2) gas cleaning system and a scrubber for the production of sulfuric acid. In addition, Outotec provides installation, commissioning and startup services. The deliveries are scheduled to take place in 2015 - 2016.Located east of Lima, the Cajamarquilla refinery produces refined zinc and the gas emissions from the zinc roasting circuits are processed in sulfuric acid plants. Outotec's solution will reduce the refinery's SO2 emissions and improve the quality of sulfuric acid produced by removing impurities."We have cooperated with Votorantim Metais since the late 1970s and this contract once again demonstrates that our customers have a strong confidence in our sustainable technologies. In this case the SO2 emissions will be significantly reduced, which improves the air quality and allows the Cajamarquilla refinery comply with new environmental requirements with low operating costs", states Kimmo Kontola, head of Outotec Americas region.


March 4, 2010 - Votorantim Metais will reach 320,000 tpy zinc capacity at its Cajamarquilla refinery in Peru by mid-year, rather than February as was previously expected. Difficulties that are common to expansion projects caused the delay.

October 10, 2007 - Outotec has been awarded a contract to supply a new zinc roasting plant including gas cleaning and sulfuric acid plant on turnkey basis for Votorantim Metais to be built in Cajamarquilla, Peru. The contract value exceeds EUR 80 million.   Votorantim Metais, one of the world's largest zinc producers, is planning to expand its annual zinc production in Peru by 160,000 tonnes to a total of 320,000 tonnes.   Outotec's scope of supply covers the roasting, gas cleaning and acid plant technologies, engineering, civil works, all process equipment, construction, supervision services as well as commissioning of the plant. The delivery time is two years.   "This new zinc plant contract demonstrates our long relationship with Votorantim Metais. In 1977 we built the first zinc roaster in Cajamarquilla and it is still working at increased capacity", says Tapani Järvinen, CEO of Outotec, and adds: "In this second delivery we have a larger scope and are designing the whole roaster train, which brings additional benefits for the customer, such as improved energy recovery as well as reduced dust and sulfur dioxide gas emissions, which enhance the environmental conditions of the plant."

July 25, 2007 - Brazilian mining company Votorantim Metais is spending $100 million to expand its Cajamarquilla zinc refinery in Lima department by 20 percent to 160,000 tpy of refined metal, commercial manager Savio Ce told MB.  The refinery currently produces 135,000 tpy of refined metal for consumption in Latin America, largely to be sold to producers of galvanized steel. The expansion is due to be completed in September and the plant will be at full production capacity in November, he said.  The expansion is part of Votorantim`s plans to boost total zinc production capacity to 700,000 tpy, which would make the company the world`s third-biggest zinc producer.  Cajarmarquilla will be expanded to an eventual 340,000 tpy within two years in a $300 million investment. Production at Tres Marias in Minas Gerais state will be expanded to 250,000 tpy from 170,000 tpy.  The expansion aims to benefit from increased zinc production in Peru - the world`s third largest producer - with output forecast to increase 6 percent over the 2.5 million tonnes of concentrates produced in 2006. Votorantim owns 24.9 percent of Peruvian zinc miner Milpo.

February 15, 2002 - Vancouver-based Teck Cominco will shut its 120,000t/y Cajamarquilla zinc refinery in Lima for three months starting June, the company announced.  The resulting 30,000t loss in output is part of the company's plan to reduce production by 55,000t in total following a stock buildup. It pledged to work with customers to minimize any disruption to their operations and Cajamarquilla will ensure its Latin American and Japanese customers are supplied with the zinc they require.  "Cajamarquilla will begin discussions with its employees, the unions and the relevant government departments to ensure that all employees receive fair and appropriate wages and benefits during the shutdown period," the company said.  CEO David Thompson said global zinc demand fell 4% in 2001, causing the higher inventories, adding: "While consumption is forecast to grow again in 2002, it will take cutbacks such as these in order to bring supply and demand into balance."  Cajamarquilla is 82% owned by Teck Cominco, 17% by Japan's Marubeni and 1% by the workers.  The other 25,000t of Teck Cominco's zinc cutback will come from its flagship Trail refinery in British Columbia with an August shutdown when workers are being asked to take their vacations.  There was no word on the company's negotiations with Brazil's Paranapanema metals group for the purchase of the 94,000t/y Paraibuna zinc smelter in Minas Gerais.

June 1998 - Cominco and Marubeni reported that Refineria de Cajamarquilla SA closed a US$250-million debt financing to pay for the expansion of its zinc refinery near Lima, Peru. The fixed capital cost of this expansion will be US$350 million.  The refinery's capacity will increase to 240 kt/a (264,500 stpy) from 100 kt/a (110,000 stpy). When completed, the refinery will become one of the world's largest and most efficient zinc refineries.

MTPD - Metric Tonne per Day           STPD - Short Ton per Day
MTPA - Metric Tonne per Annum      STPA - Short Ton per Annum
SA - Single Absorption
DA - Double Absorption

* Coordinates can be used to locate plant on Google Earth