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Acid Plant Database  September 8, 2012

Owner CJSC Crimea TITAN

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Severnaya promzona
Crimea, 96012

Northern part of Crimea peninsula near its border with Kherson region, in the narrowest part of Crimean isthmus, on the shore of Sivash lakes, which is only 7 km away from Karakinitsky gulf of the Black Sea.

Background 1969  - Crimea State Industrial Union "TITAN" (CSIU "TITAN") established
Website www.titanexport.com
Plant Plant No. 1 Plant No. 2 Plant No. 3
Coordinates* 46° 12' 7.5" N, 33° 39' 26" E 46° 12' 6" N, 33° 39' 27" E 46° 12' 7" N, 33° 39' 31" E
Type of Plant Sulphur Burning Sulphur Burning Sulphur Burning
Gas Source Elemental Sulphur - Bulk Elemental Sulphur - Bulk Elemental Sulphur - Bulk
Plant Capacity 180,000 MTPA 180,000 MTPA 180,000 MTPA
SA/DA - - -
Status - - -
Year Built - - -
Technology - - -
Contractor - - -
Remarks - - -
Plant Plant No. 4 - -
Coordinates* - - -
Type of Plant Sulphur Burning - -
Gas Source Elemental Sulphur - Bulk - -
Plant Capacity 600,000 MTPA - -
SA/DA - - -
Status - - -
Year Built - - -
Technology - - -
Contractor - - -
Remarks - - -
Pictures Crimea Titan 1.jpg (140670 bytes)  Crimea Titan 3.jpg (123217 bytes)  Crimea Titan 2.jpg (62639 bytes)  Crimea Titan 4.jpg (48320 bytes)  Crimea Titan 5.jpg (36046 bytes)
General -
References -
July 2012 - President Victor Yanukovych has opened a new sulphuric acid plant in the Crimea for titanium dioxide producer Crimea Titan PJSC.  Crimea Titan is the largest producer of titanium dioxide in central and eastern Europe, and is in the process of raising capacity at their existing plant from 108,000 t/a to 120,000 t/a and bringing a new 120,000 t/a TiO2 plant on-stream, taking the company's share of global titanium dioxide production to 8%, at a total cost of $500 million.  The company previously operated 540,000 t/a of sulphuric acid capacity in three trains to run its sulphate-process TiO2 capacity, but will now close down one of these 180,000 t/a units.  The new 600,000 t/a acid plant will thus take acid capacity at the site to 960,000 t/a.  The new plant will also reduce environmental emissions from the company's acid production.

April 27, 2012
- A “ruthless struggle for power” is an obstacle to Ukraine’s stable development, Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych has said.  "There are circumstances that pose obstacles to our country. These are increasing competition in the world in the struggle for resources, in the struggle for markets... I would say that a subjective reason is a ruthless struggle for power… The interests of politicians are often above over the interests of the state," he said during the ceremony to launch a new plant for sulfuric acid production at Crimean Titan in Armiansk on Friday, Apr.27.  Yanukovych also said that Ukraine’s investment attractiveness was huge and that everything should be done to convince investors that it is safe to invest in Ukraine.  In particular, he said that the operation of Crimean Titan was an example of successful investment activities.  He said that the opening of a new plant for sulfuric acid production was a landmark event not only for the Crimean economy, but also for Ukraine.

December 20, 2011 - Crimea TITAN sees the construction of the new sulphuric acid production plant where double contact/double absorption process is used nearing its completion. The plant has a capacity of 1818.2 tonnes of finished product per 24 hours and is a unique and the only project of its kind in Ukraine.  Pros of the future plant – increase in sulphuric acid production, reduction of harmful emissions into environment, steam and power savings and potentially boosting production capacity of the main product.  As of now, main construction and installation works have been completed; technological stage of the project has been started. Administration facilities have been set ready to welcome the work. All units of the new plant are now seeing the works on heat insulation, piping (6 km in total) and adjusting the equipment being made. Installation of equipment in chemical treatment unit has been finished and testing and run-in of this equipment is planned to start in January, 2012. Hydraulic testing on the plant flyovers has been made, pressure has been tested and now heat-insulation of the pipes has been started.  Installation of all metal constructions and the main equipment in the melting compartment has been made; “pipe-in-pipe” feed system installation works are continuing; drying and absorption units have seen completion of brick lining in all of the three absorbers, their packing is continuing now.  Gas channels, steam and moisture collector systems are 80% ready. Turbine building and the main building of the plant see turbine installation and piping works continuing. Cooler installation is nearing the end, with a lining works planned for it further, commissioning of this facility is scheduled to start in the January in the next year.  Increasing pump station have all pumps installed, interior finish of the building itself finished, piping ready, electrical cabling being made and ventilation system being tested.  Improvement of the construction site itself, concreting roadways and pathways, improvement of overall appearance of the site suggests the completion of the construction works is approaching.  General commissioning of the plant is scheduled to start at the end of the February. Installation works on the site are estimated to have been 80% completed.

August 8, 2011 - Crimea Titan PJSC continues the construction of a new sulfuric acid plant. Thus, as Deputy Technical Director for Construction Vladimir Zayats says actually all large objects have been already installed and there is active preparing for gas ducts and piping installation. “In the future drying and absorption department the installation of 60 meters high flue gas duct is completed, also there made the acid-proof brick inner lining of three absorbers installed before - says V. Zayats. - At the final stage finishing in the administrative building, we are preparing for the installation of major equipment of blower. In addition, now we are testing the bowls of future cooling towers and finishing mounting of the frame in water treatment department."  The cooling tower itself, as well as water treatment equipment, as Vladimir Zayats says, should be sent to the company by the end of October. The installation of underground utilities of shop collector has been already completed, and behind the old warehouse a sulfur melting department is under construction. As Deputy Technical Director for Construction Vladimir Zayats says the crews are working almost three shifts seven days a week, and in general, their work can be estimated on "four". "Like in any construction project there are, of course, some difficulties, but we solve them quickly. In general, we are not lagging behind the schedule and plan to complete the work at the specified time, - assures Vladimir Zayats. – It is hard to specify the percentage of readiness of the shop for commissioning, but to determine the readiness of individual objects is quite real. Thus, the administrative building is ready for 90%, air blast is 50% ready, drying and absorption department is to be brought forward up to 100% completion by November 1. Department of burning and conversion is 50% complete (only gas ducts and piping installation should be done there). The turbine building is about 30% complete, the melting department is 50% complete, and water treatment department is ready for 70%. Two pumping stations are complete by 70%.  The construction of new complex for sulfuric acid production by method of double contact and double absorption (DC / DA), capacity 1818.2 tons of finished product per day has begun September, 1 2008.  The project is unique in Eastern Europe. Commissioning of the new plant will provide an opportunity to increase significantly the share of sulfuric acid production, and innovative technology will bring the rate of expenditure of energy and raw materials to the world's industry leaders.

July 7, 2011 - New sulfuric acid plant construction at one of the largest Ukrainian chemical enterprises – Crimea Titan PJSC – comes to its active final stage.  At the moment, the installation of large equipment is already fully completed, construction works started in the department of melting and preparation of sulfur, construction of buildings for future cooling towers is completed (at the next stage cooling unit itself will be mounted), pipelining for communication system underground network is made and quality of works performed is being tested. The finishing work on the administrative building is in full swing, the fine finish of premises is started and central control for process will eventually be posted here. Also construction works are intensified in absorption department, turbine department, 60 meters high flue gas duct is mounted. In general, a half of total planned volume of work has been made. Today the construction site employs about 260 people, and by August the number of expert personnel will increase to 450 people. Commissioning work is scheduled to begin in Q1 2012.

March 2010 – The plant received large-sized equipment for the new sulfuric acid production plant - intermediate absorber (the diameter of the apparatus - 6.5 meters, the height - 12 m).

September 12, 2008 - In the year 2005 the «OstChem Holding AG» company set up the construction of a new modern sulfuric acid production plant. For the years 2006-2007, the experts of the company made a thorough feasibility study on the project, specified optimal technical points, and chose necessary equipment.  Taking into account a considerable project cost, the company management have made a decision to attract credit funds in addition to the ownership capital. With this end in view, this year in July in Germany an official meeting was held between the CJSC «Crimea TITAN» management with the representatives of the «Ostchem Germany GmbH» company, of the one part, and the «Commerzbank AG» firm, of the other part. In the course of the visit a new credit agreement with the «Commerzbank AG», a contract with the prime contractor «Chemieanlagenbau Chemnitz GmbH» and a contract with the insurance company «Euler HERMES» have been signed.  Scheduled costs for construction of new sulfuric acid production workshop amount to about 55 million, 25 million of the sum is money of shareholder «OstChem Germany GmbH», and 30 million is the credit granted by German «Commerzbank AG».  The general contractor «Chemieanlagenbau Chemnitz GmbH» has concluded purchase contracts with producers to buy the whole complex of thermotechnical facilities for new workshop. The supplies according to the above contracts are planned for April 2009.  Since the 1st of September of this year Crimea TITAN has already begun the preliminary works for construction of new sulfuric acid production workshop (pile layout for pointing the axes of future foundation, altimetric survey and marking up coordinates of the main facilities on the plot plan).  Economic potential of commissioning of up-to-date sulfuric acid production lies in cost reduction, and also increase of production output of titanium dioxide and monoammonium phosphate produced by Crimea TITAN. In social sphere it means new jobs for people who live in the region. In environment protection field it means usage of new environment safety technology in production process that will allow minimizing the environmental impact of chemical manufacturing processes.

November 2005 - Company defined the winner of the tender on construction of a new hi-tech shop on manufacture of a sulfuric acid by capacity of 600 thousand t/year.  The winner of the tender become a Ukrainian-German consortium of JSL "Cityterm" – Hugo Petersen GmbH - Chemieanlagenbau Chemnitz GmbH.  The advanced technologies and last scientific achievements in the field of construction of chemical installations were put in a basis of the offers of the consortium.  Prospective term of implementation of the project - 24 months.  The cost of the project is estimated in 55 million euro.  Hugo Petersen GmbH includes following tasks: scientific substantiation, engineering of the project and transfer of license technology to Joint-Stock Company « Crimean Titan ».  Harmonization of the German project will lie on shoulders of Ukrainian company "Cityterm" with the Ukrainian norms, and also necessary expert coordination, functions general contractor and construction on "a turn-key basis".
The purpose of the construction of a new shop is necessity of "Titan" to provide with a sulfuric acid of TiO2 manufacture at increasing its capacity up to 120 thousand t/year.  After starting the new shop will produce 600 thousand tons of a sulfuric acid a year and to develop 12 MW/hour of the electric power and 96 ton of steam on technology.  For today, existing shop on manufacture of a sulfuric acid is equipped with three industrial lines and develops 540 thousand tons a year.  According to the plan of reconstruction one line will be deduced from operation. Thus, the total volume will make 960 tons of a sulfuric acid a year. Thus emissions SO2 and a fog of a sulfuric acid in an atmosphere in view of higher degree of conversion and absorption will be considerably reduced.

MTPD - Metric Tonne per Day           STPD - Short Ton per Day
MTPA - Metric Tonne per Annum      STPA - Short Ton per Annum
SA - Single Absorption
DA - Double Absorption

* Coordinates can be used to locate plant on Google Earth