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Acid Plant Database  November 13, 2020

Owner Orrion Chemicals Regen (OCR)

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Location Kuhlmannkaai 1
Haven 6780B
Gent 9042
Background Wholly-owned subsidiary of Orrion Chemicals Benelux

- Rhone Poulenc
- Rhodia Eco Services

- Misa Eco NV (Subsidiary of Madhvani International, SA (MISA)) www.madhvani-misa.com

Website www.oc-regen.com
Plant -
Coordinates* 51° 11' 5" N, 3° 47' 39" E
Type of Plant Acid Regeneration
Gas Source Spent Acid
Plant Capacity Previous: 1200 MTPD
2008: 1500 MTPD
Emissions -
Status Shutdown 2012
Year Built -
Technology -
Contractor -
Remarks -
Pictures Orrion-Chemicals-1.jpg (203293 bytes)  Orrion-Chemicals-3.jpg (231916 bytes)  Orrion-Chemicals-4.jpg (220403 bytes)
General MISA Inc's Subsidiary, MISA Eco, owns and operates a 400,000 tonne-capacity sulphuric acid production and waste acid regeneration facility in Belgium.  Complementing MISA's phosphoric acid business, MISA Eco provides an environmentally sound service of cleaning dirty sulphuric acid.  The facility is able to cater for customers across northern Europe, both for regenerative and new sulphuric acid sales. The company also produces co-generated electricity for captive use and for despatch to the grid.
References -
News May 4, 2012 - 53 people lose their jobs due to the bankruptcy of Nesar, a company that produces sulfuric acid on the Kuhlmannkaai.  Nesar, the company that took over the activities of Orrion Chemicals Regen last year to re-produce sulfuric acid at the site of Misa Eco, which was declared bankrupt in 2009, on the Kuhlmannkaai, has laid down the books.  On Wednesday, the commercial court appointed a receiver and the unions and staff were informed. 53 people lose their jobs. The company produced sulfuric acid and regenerated (cleaned) polluted sulfuric acid. The unilateral termination of an exclusivity contract with the German group Duval, which supplied Nesar with 140,000 tons of sulfur annually, led to difficulties for this Seveso company.  Production came to a standstill two weeks ago, causing too much damage to the installation and possibly total loss. 'We have twice tried in vain through court to get this German company to fulfill its obligations. With summary proceedings this week, we were proved right by the judge, but the damage had already been done and the installations were too badly damaged to be able to restart, ”explains Luc Markey of the Nesar management.  'We have only just learned and expect that we will be invited by the curators and management for an interview early next week. We cannot clarify more yet, 'says Johan Quintenier of ACV. The majority of Misa Eco employees share the blows of the bankruptcy for the second time.  In 2009 Orrion Chemicals bought Misa Eco for 1 symbolic euro, but committed to invest heavily in the remediation of the heavily polluted site. All old buildings and installations would go down. The tanks and pipes also had to be cleaned first and then replaced. The underground also had to be remediated and the site newly constructed. The current state of this operation is not yet clear.  In any case, Ovam is keeping a finger on the pulse in the settlement of this new bankruptcy. Nesar is only active at the production and personnel level. Orrion will retain ownership of the site. Translated from an article www.nieuwsblad.be/cnt/913pkfev

June 29, 2010 - The consortium DEC, Dredging International, Jan De Nul and Envisan, finalized the purchase of 140 acres of derelict and contaminated land. The areas, which were released after the bankruptcy of Nilefos Chemistry and MisaEco, were situated in the territory of the municipalities Zelzate, Evergem and Ghent. The consortium has now taken over the entire site and has the full guarantee for the acquisition of all remediation obligations, such as remediation and restoration and aftercare of the gypsum deposit.  Nilefos Chemistry (formerly Rhodia Chemie) operated in Rieme for phosphoric acid production units, and left thereby large amounts of phosphogypsum behind.  MisaEco operated a sulfuric acid unit.  The bankruptcy in September 2009 was a huge set back.  The areas of the sulfuric acid section (11 acres) are taken over by Orrion Rain Chemicals Ltd.  This allowed a restart to ensure the regeneration of sulfuric acid and employ about 45 people, all fired from the bankruptcy.  The consortium will develop a complete project next week, that will ensure the total remediation of the remainings.  On the fallow land (25 acres) the consortium started setting up a processing center for dredging.  The former activities with phosphorus (15 hectares) are stopped. The areas will be rehabilitated, renovated as soon as a new industrial estate on the market can be established.  The gypsum landfill (70 ha and 18ha adjacent areas) will be further complemented and completed (including after-care requirements) to eliminate the hazards that exist today.  A coherent, comprehensive rehabilitation, the development of a new sustainable business and a stable and full finishing of the gypsum deposit guarantee a permanent solution to the nuisance in the historic district of Little Russia. New activities will be rehabilitated in the free areas, which are developed with the necessary conditions for nuisance to the neighborhood and to exclude the creation of new employment.  The further development of this project will be submitted to the municipalities of Zelzate, Evergem and Ghent and the Ontario provincial government to ensure maximum integration into the policies of the ROHM project.  Finally, the consortium wishes to thank everyone who contributed specifically to the smooth handling of complex acquisition, especially the Guardianship, the municipalities Zelzate, Evergem and Ghent, the Province of East Flanders and Flemish Minister for OVAM Environment, Nature Culture and Joke Schauvliege.

December 11, 2009 - ORRION CHEMICALS announces today it has acquired the "Sulphuric Acid Regeneration" activities of Misa Eco NV. These activities will be run under a new company, ORRION CHEMICALS REGEN (OCR), a wholly-owned subsidiary of ORRION CHEMICALS BENELUX.  In addition to sulphuric acid regeneration activity, OCR will also produce and market sulphuric acid and related products.  From this starting point, OCR's strategy will be to develop and acquire other regeneration or recycling activities.   Historically a part of the Rhodia group, the industrial activities of OCR are based in Rieme (Belgium).  The key personnel of Misa Eco NV will be transferred to ORRION CHEMICALS REGEN (OCR) following the acquisition. The business has a turnover of approximately 20 M€.  Jacques Lehré, CEO of ORRION CHEMICALS, comments: "This new acquisition confirms and amplifies ORRION CHEMICALS ambition, which is to find managerial and financial solutions to chemical activities facing situations of strategic uncertainty. We started in France and we are now taking the concept to other European countries."  Nico Aelmans, CEO of ORRION CHEMICALS BENELUX, declares: "Our ambition for OCR is to strengthen the relationship with the key customers of the sulphuric regeneration activity. They have recently confirmed their confidence in the Rieme unit. With the support of ORRION CHEMICALS, we will make sure the OCR team completely fulfills their expectations."

MTPD - Metric Tonne per Day           STPD - Short Ton per Day
MTPA - Metric Tonne per Annum      STPA - Short Ton per Annum
SA - Single Absorption
DA - Double Absorption

* Coordinates can be used to locate plant on Google Earth