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Acid Plant Database  June 13, 2015

Owner Jiangxi Copper Company Ltd.

Jiangxi-Copper-Logo.jpg (1868 bytes)

Location Guixi
Jiangxi Province
Background Founded in 1977  Jiangxi-Copper-Orgchart.jpg (55164 bytes)
Website www.jxcc.com

Guixi Smelter

Plant No. 1 Plant No. 2 Plant No. 3 Plant No. 4

28° 20' 6" N, 117° 13' 42" E

28° 20' 6" N, 117° 13' 44" E 28° 20' 11" N, 117° 12' 50" E 28° 20' 11" N, 117° 12' 52" E
Type of Plant Metallurgical Metallurgical Metallurgical Metallurgical
Gas Source

Outotec (Outokumpu) Flash Furnace

Outotec (Outokumpu) Flash Furnace
- -
Plant Capacity - 1333 MTPD - -
SA/DA - DA - -
Status Operating Operating - -
Year Built 1985 1999 - -
Technology - MECS - -
Contractor - - - -
Equipment -

Supplier: KKK
Delivery Year: 1999
Model: SFO 11
Quantity: 1
Flow Rate: 49.3 m3/s
Pressure Rise: 665 mbar
Power: 3550 kW

- -
Remarks - Smelting capacity initially 200,000 tpy copper expandable up to 300,000 tpy - -
Pictures   Jiangxi-Copper-Guixi-Smelter-2.jpg (63682 bytes)  Jiangxi-Copper-Guixi-Smelter-3.jpg (59178 bytes)  Jiangxi-Copper-Guixi-Smelter-4.jpg (158067 bytes)  Jiangxi-Copper-Guixi-Smelter-5.jpg (103831 bytes)   
General Jiangxi Copper Company Limited is China's largest copper producer. The company manufactures 340,000 tons of copper annually from its mines, which include the Dexing and Yongping pits and the Wushan underground mine. It owns a copper smelter and refinery, and its majority-owned Jiangxi Copper Products subsidiary manufactures copper rods and wires. Other operations include gold and silver production. Jiangxi Copper Company Limited was formed by parent Jiangxi Copper Corporation, which is owned by the Chinese government, in 1997. Jiangxi Copper Corporation owns 48% of Jiangxi Copper Company Limited. Jiangxi Copper Company Limited is China's largest copper producer. The company manufactures 340,000 tons of copper annually from its mines, which include the Dexing and Yongping pits and the Wushan underground mine. It owns a copper smelter and refinery, and its majority-owned Jiangxi Copper Products subsidiary manufactures copper rods and wires. Other operations include gold and silver production.

In 2001, the second phase of development of the Guixi smelter successfully achieved its production and quality standards in full scale operation - annually producing some 226,100 tons of copper cathode, 811,000 tons of sulfuric acid, 6.5 tons of gold, and 110 tons of silver. In major technical measures such as ore yield/operating ratio, furnace yield, gross sulfate recovery rate, etc, the smelter was up to or surpassed world-accepted levels. Its products showed strong export acceptance worldwide. Presently, JXCC operates its trade business, economic cooperation and technical exchanges in more than thirty countries and regions.

China United Copper Co., Ltd. (CUC) www.cucltd.com

China United Copper Co., Ltd. (CUC) was established on 15 March, 2002 in Beijing, China. CUC is a jointly owned company, and was co-founded by China Minmetals Non-ferrous Co., Ltd. and the five backbone smelters in China: Jiangxi Copper Co., Tongling Non-ferrous Metals (Group) Co., Ltd., Yunnan Copper (Group), Ltd., Daye Non-ferrous Metals Co., Ltd., and Shanxi Zhongtiaoshan Non-ferrous Metals (Group) Co., Ltd. The registered capital is 10 million RMB Yuan.
This is the first time for the Chinese copper industry to organize the six industry-giants into an alliance to deal with non-domestic entities and projects. It marks a new milestone for China's copper industry.
CUC's aim is to unify Chinese copper smelters from separate business units into a strong business alliance for the negotiation and import of copper concentrate. Such a strategic action ensures the partners' common interests, namely creating a harmonized "voice" in negotiations with foreign mine-owners concerning joint exploitation and development of overseas mines. The result is the strategic stabilization of raw material supplies for China's domestic smelters, by obtaining the long-term overseas sources. This is a historical moment for our cooper industry, a turning point from short-term and spot copper purchases toward mid-term/long-term and strategic purchases. In addition, the joint development of new overseas copper mine resources will lead toward the realization of long term security.

References -

December 4, 2011 - China's largest copper producer by output, Jiangxi Copper Co., has started commercial operations at its lead and zinc smelter, the Jiangxi News reported.  The plant has a capacity to produce 200,000 metric tons of refined lead a year as well as 200,000 metric tons of refined zinc and 560,000 tons of sulphuric acid and its products, the news portal said Friday.  In its first phase of operations, the plant is expected to produce 100,000 metric tons of refined lead and 100,000 tons of refined zinc per year, it said.

January 3, 2010 - China largest and third largest copper producers Jiangxi Copper Corporation and Yunnan Copper Company Limited respectively have become partners with China Minmetals Group and Aluminum Corporation of China Limited and now Tongling Nonferrous Metals which is the second largest copper producer has finally found someone to fall back on.  Tongling Nonferrous announced December 29th 2009 that its majority shareholder Tongling Nonferrous Metals Group Holdings Company Limited have joined China Railway Construction Corporation and acquired 66.67% of the shares of Canada's Corriente Resources with CNY 4.41 billion.
Tongling Nonferrous Metals Group defeated many competitors for the acquisition. According to Reuters news agency last year, companies including Tongling Nonferrous Metals Group, the world's fourth largest copper producer Switzerland's Xstratar Company and the world's largest copper miner Chile's state copper company Codelco all expressed interest in participating in Corriente Resources' Panantza, San Carlos project in southern Ecuador.
Compared with domestic counterparts, the acquisition mode is very similar to an overseas acquisition case by China Minmetals Group and Jiangxi Copper 2 years ago. Tongling Nonferrous Metals Group first set up a joint venture company with China Railway Construction Investment Company Limited and then acquired Corriente Resources through this JV.
Although Corriente Resources is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange and the New York Stock Exchange at the same time, its main asset lies in mineral assets and mineral interest in the Corriente Copper Belt in southeastern Ecuador.
Now these 3 companies have found partners, the current pattern of competition in the domestic copper industry has also changed. China Railway Construction which had never been in the mining industry said its Board of Directors meeting held October 27th 2009 has decided to make mineral resources development one of the company's main businesses. This adds another central enterprise in the mining industry.
(Sourced from People's Daily Online)

August 26, 2009 - Jiangxi Copper Company Limited reported lower net profits in the H1 of 2009 due to low nonferrous metal product prices in the period.   Jiangxi Copper saw its net profit and total sales revenue slide by 60.99% and 23.57% YoY respectively to CNY 1.2 billion and CNY 21.35 billion in the first 6 months of 2009. The company attributed the falls to sluggish copper and sulfuric acid prices during the period compared to those of the previous year.   Jiangxi Copper produced 370,000 tonnes of refined copper, 215,000 tonnes of copper wire and rod, 10.01 tonnes of gold, 239 tonnes of silver and 1.1 million tonnes of sulfuric acid in the 6 month period.

May 20, 2009 - Jiangxi Copper Co, China's top integrated producer, will resume full production in June after it finishes repair work on an oxygen generator at its main Guixi smelter.  Li Yihuang said Jiangxi Copper, which produced nearly 20% of China's refined copper output last year, would be able to meet its 2009 output target of 800,000t of refined copper despite the repair, which started in late December.  "We will be making final adjustments to the generator in June," Mr Li told Reuters on the sidelines of an investment fair in Hong Kong that was organised by the Jiangxi provincial government.  The repair would reduce copper production by 80,000-90,000t this year, Pan Qifang, Jiangxi Copper's spokesman, said. That will be lower than the 120,000t the firm had expected.  "We bought oxygen to cover part of our needs in the first half, making the output loss smaller," Mr Pan told Reuters from the headquarters in Guixi city in Jiangxi.  The oxygen generator at the smelter, which represents 45% of total oxygen generation volume, is part of the system supplying the firm's 600,000t/y designed smelting capacity, using copper concentrate as feed.   The firm also operates another 200,000t of designed smelting capacity using scrap as feed in Guixi, whose operations were not affected. Mr Pan said the two smelting systems could run above designed capacity and reach a total of 900,000t/y. It also had 900,000t of annual refining capacity.  Mr Li, also the president of Jiangxi Copper's parent, said the parent company was building a 100,000t/y copper strip plant in Jiangxi province, but gave no details. But the provincial government, which controls the parent company, is inviting investors to jointly build that plant with total investment of Yu2.7 billion (US$395.9 million), provincial officials told the same investment fair.  Jiangxi Copper already operates semi-finished copper products plants with nearly 500,000t/y capacity in China, the world's top user of the metal. 

April 2, 2009 - Jiangxi Copper Co, China's largest copper producer by output, yesterday said it expects demand for the metal to recover in the second quarter this year, following a challenging first quarter.  Based on its price projection, the company will increase capital spending to 4.4 billion yuan this year, from 4.1 billion yuan in 2008, to boost production capacity, Li Yihuang, chairman of Jiangxi Copper, told reporters at a press conference in Hong Kong.  The company posted a 49.6-percent fall in net profit last year as metal prices tumbled on weak market demand, while costs, including energy and other resource surged. Net income was 2.29 billion yuan in 2008 compared to 4.53 billion yuan in the previous year.  Copper smelters worldwide were forced last year to cut their product prices following excess smelting output and a tight supply of concentrates, which lower copper treatment and refining charges. Chinese copper producers had agreed to cut these charges.  Li said the company faced several challenges in first-quarter sales.  "Together with the dissatisfying sales in sulfuric acid and the difficulties in the purchase of raw materials, the company is facing a relatively more difficult period in over a decade," he said.

MTPD - Metric Tonne per Day           STPD - Short Ton per Day
MTPA - Metric Tonne per Annum      STPA - Short Ton per Annum
SA - Single Absorption
DA - Double Absorption

* Coordinates can be used to locate plant on Google Earth