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Acid Plant Database  May 25, 2015

Owner Hazara Phosphate Fertilizers Limited

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P.O. Kangra Colony, Hattar Road
Haripur, Pakistan


1985 - National Fertiliser Corporation of Pakistan (Private) Limited (NFC) owns Hazara Phosphate Fertilisers (Private) Limited. HPFL is a state-owned private limited company, registered under the Companies Ordinance
1989 - Production begins
2008 - Pak-American Fertilisers Limited (PAFL) purchase 90% of the shares of HPFL

100% subsidiary of Agritech

Website www.nfc.gov.pk
Plant -
Coordinates* -
Type of Plant -
Gas Source -
Plant Capacity 110 MTPD
SA/DA 3/1 DA
Overall Conversion: 99.5%
Status -
Year Built -
Technology MECS
Contractor -
Remarks Link to Video of Plant
Pictures Hazara-Phosphate-Haripur-1.jpg (167284 bytes)
General Hazara Phosphate Fertilizers (Private) Limited; (HPFL) is located at Hattar Road, District Haripur. The Plant was commissioned in 1989 having the facility to produce 110 metric tonne per day of Sulphuric Acid and 300 metric tonne per day of Granulated Single Super Phosphate (GSSP).It is based on AZF Chimie process and uses Phosphate Rock and Sulphur as raw material. The project completion cost was Rs.244.392 million including foreign cost component of Rs.50.231 million. The paid-up capital of the Company is Rs.191.432 million as against authorized capital of Rs.200 million, which is held by NFC.
References -
News March 11, 2010 - Azgard Nine Limited, the parent company of Agritech, is likely to raise a total of Rs2.37 billion through offering Rs16.67 million worth shares to high net value investors and by placing ordinary shares to the general public with an additional green shoe option of Rs16.67 million, a research analyst said on Wednesday.   After the successful listing of Fatima Fertilizer Company Limited, the Agritech Limited (Agritech), formerly known as Pak-American Fertilizer Limited is due for listing at the KSE with Initial Public Offering (IPO) that will be held today (March 11-13, 2010).  According to an analyst, Azgard Nine Limited has intended to raise a further Rs500m through an offer to the general public of 16.67m ordinary shares with a Green Shoe Option (GSO) of 16.67m ordinary shares at a fixed price of Rs30 per share. It may be mentioned that Rs1.87b already been raised through pre-IPO placement to institutional investors and high net worth individuals.  To date, 62.3m ordinary shares have already been subscribed through pre-IPO. The projected receipts from this offering will be Rs2.87b if the GSO is subscribed. Agritech has a name plate capacity of 346k tons per annum (BMR to increase the capacity to 483k tons of urea) and an additional 90k tons of Single Super Phosphate (SSP) which comes from Hazara Phosphate Fertilizer (Pvt) Limited (HPFL), a 100pc subsidiary of Agritech. Agritech is also involved in importing and selling of DAP, making it one of the traditional fertilizer players in the market.

November 28 2008
- The government will formally hand over Hazara Phosphate and Fertilisers (Pvt) Limited to Pak American Fertilisers Limited on Friday as the unit was privatised on September 29. Federal Minister for Privatisation Syed Naveed Qamar will witness the signing of share purchase agreement (SPA) and handing over ceremony at the Privatisation Commission Secretariat here.  HPFL was a public sector company and located in Haripur, NWFP, some 75 kilometres from Islamabad. Spread over 57 acres of land, it includes factory, housing and other amenities for employees. HPFL was incorporated under the Companies Ordinance-1984, in June 1985 as a private limited company and commenced commercial operation in 1989.  The factory is operating in fertiliser industry and manufactures granulated single super phosphate fertilisers, using a combination of indigenous phosphate rock from the Kakul mines situated in proximity of the plant and imported rock from Jordan and Morocco.  The Privatisation Commission had already received 25 percent sale price (Rs 335.006 million) for the sale of Hazara Phosphate and Fertilisers Limited (HPFL) within the stipulated time from the successful bidder, Pak American Fertilisers Limited (PAFL) as per terms of the letter of acceptance (LoA).  The competitors, who took part in the bidding, were consortium of Akbar Brothers and Green Force Limited, Multan; consortium of Kissan Chemicals and Fertilisers, and Chaudhary Steel Re-Rolling Mills Limited, Lahore; Pak American Fertilisers Limited, Lahore, and Warble (Pvt) Limited, Lahore.  The Privatisation Commission received the highest offer of Rs 1.34 billion (Rs 1, 340,024,490) from Pak American Fertilisers Limited at the rate of Rs 70 per share for 100 percent shares during an open bidding held on September 25, 2008 for the sale of minimum of 90 percent shares of Hazara Phosphate Fertilisers (Private) Limited (HPFL) together with management control on "as is where is" basis through an open bidding process among the pre-qualified parties.  National Fertiliser Corporation of Pakistan (Private) Limited (NFC) owns Hazara Phosphate Fertilisers (Private) Limited. HPFL is a state Consequent to the approval by the Cabinet Committee on Privatisation (CCOP) on September 29, 2008 of the highest bid of Rs 70 per share (total: Rs 1,340,024,490 for 100 percent shares) and declaration of Pak American Fertilisers Limited (PAFL) as the successful bidder and the letter of acceptance (LoA) was issued on September 30, 2008.  The share purchase agreement (SPA) will be signed in accordance with the standard procedure after receiving final payment of remaining 75 percent Rs 965,018 million of the bid prices and 50 percent share of GHS/VSS of Rs 45.040 million. The successful bidder's earnest money of Rs 40 million, deposited with the PC, will be adjusted at the time of final payment. According to a hand out issued here, the golden handshake scheme (GHS) and voluntary separation scheme (VSS) have been offered to the permanent workers and executives of HPFL. 

MTPD - Metric Tonne per Day           STPD - Short Ton per Day
MTPA - Metric Tonne per Annum      STPA - Short Ton per Annum
SA - Single Absorption
DA - Double Absorption

* Coordinates can be used to locate plant on Google Earth