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Acid Plant Database March 28, 2011

Owner Berzelius Stolberg GmbH

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Location Binsfeldhammer 14
D-52224 Stolberg
Background -
Website www.berzelius-metall.de
Plant Plant No. 1 Plant No. 2
Coordinates* - 50° 45' 20" N, 6° 14' 17" E
Type of Plant Metallurgical Metallurgical
Gas Source Lead
1956 - Sinter Machine


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Hot Gas Cleaning - Waste Heat Boiler - Hot ESP
Wet Gas Cleaning - Washing Tower - WESP - Hg Removal
Plant Capacity - 1990 - 250 MTPD
2000 - 300 MTPD
SA/DA - 2/2 DA
Conversion: 99.5%
Status Shutdown Operating
Year Built 1960 1990
Technology - Lurgi
Contractor - -
Remarks -

1997 - Mercury removal system installed
2009 - BAYQIK System installed

Product Acid: < 0.5 ppm Hg

Pictures   Berzilius-Stolberg-2.jpg (160538 bytes)  Berzelius-Stolberg-3.JPG (106816 bytes)  Berzelius-Stolberg-4.JPG (138406 bytes)  Berzilius-Stolberg-5.JPG (3638824 bytes)
General The BERZELIUS Bleihütte (BBH) Stolberg is one of the largest and most modern lead smelters in the world. The primary smelter, founded in 1848, attained this distinction through the introduction of the QSL process in 1990. Ever since, this company, with its present workforce of 190 employees, has maintained its technological leadership in the production of primary lead and sulphuric acid. Its annual production of 150,000 tonnes of lead and lead alloys, along with 100.000 tonnes sulphuric acid, also sets international standards.
References (1) Siegmund, A., Puellenberg, R. and Rohkohl, A., “QSL-Stolberg, Germany – Lead Smelting in the New Millennium”, Proceedings of an International Symposium on Zinc and Lead Processing, Calgary, Canada, August 16-19, 1998, pp. 825-842.
(2) R. Püllenberg and A. Rohkohl, "Modern Lead Smelting at the QSL-Plant Berzelius Metall in Stolberg, Germany", Lead-Zinc 2000, TMS, pp. 127-148.
News June 16, 2009 - Bayer Technology Services GmbH (BTS) has been commissioned by Berzelius Stolberg GmbH, the largest lead manufacturer in Europe, to build a sulfuric acid plant operating on the BAYQIK® process.  The company is based in Stolberg near Aachen, Germany. The plant has now been successfully brought on stream after just 17 months. The BAYQIK® (Quasi-Isotherme-Katalyse [quasi-isothermal catalysis]) process developed by BTS can increase the SO2 inlet concentration by up to 50 percent by volume. Coupled with optimized process management, this results in significantly higher conversion, i.e. sulfur dioxide emissions are greatly reduced. Another benefit is an increase of at least 30 percent in available plant capacity.  Berzelius tested and optimized the process in a pilot application on-site.  Its robustness, quality and cost benefits were the deciding factors in awarding the contract for the planning, delivery and construction of the first large-scale plant based on the BAYQIK® process. The facility has a total capacity of 450 metric tons of sulfuric acid per day. As the BAYQIK® process is operated on a peripheral basis, the existing sulfuric acid plant was refitted cost-effectively with only a few days’ downtime. 
Bayer Technology Services GmbH offers fully-integrated solutions along the life cycle of chemical and pharmaceutical plants - from development through engineering and construction to process optimization for existing plants.  The Bayer subsidiary employs nearly 2,600 experts worldwide at its headquarters in Leverkusen and other German locations, as well as in regional offices in Belgium, India, Mexico, the United States, Switzerland, the United Arab Emirates and the People's Republic of China. 2008 sales totaled approximately EUR 420 million.
Additional information about Bayer Technology Services is available at http://www.bayertechnology.com.

MTPD - Metric Tonne per Day           STPD - Short Ton per Day
MTPA - Metric Tonne per Annum      STPA - Short Ton per Annum
SA - Single Absorption
DA - Double Absorption

* Coordinates can be used to locate plant on Google Earth