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Acid Plant Database   August 2, 2022

Owner PVS Chemical Solutions Inc.

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Location 12260 South Carondolet Avenue
Chicago, Illinois
USA  60633
Background -


Plant -
Coordinates 41° 40' 20" N, 87° 32' 59" W (approximate location)
Type of Plant Sulphur Burning
Gas Source Elemental Sulphur
Plant Capacity Sulphuric Acid: 127,750 STPA
Oleum: 36,500 STPA
Liquid SO3: 43,800 STPA
Liquid SO2: 36,500 STPA
Emissions Suphuric Acid: SO2 = 57.05 STPA
Oleum: SO2 = 0.44 STPA
Liquid SO3: SO2 = 0.44 STPA
Liquid SO2: SO2 = 0.44 STPA
Status Operating
Year Built -
Technology -
Contractor -
Remarks -
Permits Illinois Environmental Protection Agency Division of Air Pollution Control
Facility ID: 031600ALC
Permit No. Issue Date Expiry Date Details
- September 19, 2001 September 19, 2006 -

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References -
News August 2, 2022 - PVS Chemicals, Inc. (PVS) is partnering with Energy Systems Group, LLC (ESG), a leading sustainable energy solutions provider and wholly owned subsidiary of CenterPoint Energy, Inc., to significantly improve sustainability at its sulfuric acid plant, located in Chicago, Illinois, by capturing waste steam to generate 2.6 MW of renewable electricity through a steam turbine generator in the new onsite Waste Heat to Power (WHP) Plant. The $14.2 million project, signed in June 2022, will create electricity from waste steam to generate renewable energy that is expected to cover approximately 95% of all plant electricity needs. The project should also eliminate over 12,700 tons of CO2 emissions per year, lessen utility interruptions from voltage trips, and reduce purchased water and chemical consumption.  PVS delivers sustainable chemical product solutions for its suppliers and customers. This project provides a substantial, measurable improvement to the sustainability of the Chicago production facility through generation of electricity from waste steam, which displaces electricity currently produced via fossil fuels. As a result of completing the WHP project, nearly 95% of all electricity consumed at the site is expected to be from an eligible “renewable” resource as defined by State of Illinois legislation. This generated energy also ensures that reliable, high quality sulfuric acid production continues so the plant can consistently meet production targets and demand.  Steam is generated as a result of the exothermic reaction utilized to produce sulfuric acid. Currently, a significant portion of this steam has no beneficial use. The WHP project will instead use the wasted steam to generate power. Using this steam to generate power onsite avoids the purchase of electricity from the grid, which has a high carbon and greenhouse gas (GHG) footprint. In total, PVS expects to reduce its carbon footprint related to electricity by more than 12,700 tons of CO2 per year or a 115% reduction against the current carbon footprint associated with electric power. This expected GHG reduction is equivalent to any of the following:
  • 1,452 home annual energy consumption
  • 2,484 cars driving for one year
  • 1,402,157,854 cell phone charges
  • 529,292 mature trees in a forest (almost 30 times the carbon sequestration of Central Park, NYC which contains 18,000 trees)
“This commitment in Chicago is a great example of our approach to business,” said Tim Nicholson, Chief Operating Officer of PVS. “The new installation will take thousands of tons of CO2 out of the air while simultaneously making the facility sustainable for the long term.”  “ESG applauds PVS for their dedication and passion to a cleaner, more sustainable environment,” says Jarrett Simon, Vice President of ESG, Public Sector and Sustainable Infrastructure. “We are truly honored to be a strategic business partner of PVS and provide them with a unique, creative approach to the development and construction of this environmentally beneficial project.”

MTPD - Metric Tonne per Day           STPD - Short Ton per Day
MTPA - Metric Tonne per Annum      STPA - Short Ton per Annum
SA - Single Absorption
DA - Double Absorption

* Coordinates can be used to locate plant on Google Earth