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Acid Plant Database December 2, 2009

Owner JSC Kazakhmys Corporation

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Background - 1971 Smelting operations begin at the Zhezkazgan complex
- 1992 The company, OJSC Zhezgazgantzvetmet, was formed by the Government of Kazakhstan.  The Government reduced its holding from 100% to 0%, in a series of privatisations from 1992 to 2002
- June 1995 Samsung Corporation of Korea took over management of the company and in -1996 acquired a 40% stake, which was subsequently sold
- October 2005 The Group listed on London Stock Exchange
Location Kazakhstan
Website www.kazakhmys.com

Zhezkazgan Complex

Plant No. 1 Plant No. 2 Plant No. 3 Plant No. 4
Coordinates 47° 46' 18" N, 67° 43' 27.5" E 47° 46' 18" N, 67° 43' 29" E 47° 46' 18.5" N, 67° 43' 30" E 47° 46' 18.5" N, 67° 43' 31.5" E
Type of Plant Metallurgical
Gas Source Copper
Electric Furnace (2)
Pierce-Smith Converters
Wet Gas Cleaning Quench - Gas Cooling Tower 1 - Gas Cooling Tower 2 - 1st Stage WESP - Humidifying Tower - 2nd Stage WESP Quench - Gas Cooling Tower 1 - Gas Cooling Tower 2 - 1st Stage WESP - Humidifying Tower - 2nd Stage WESP Quench - Gas Cooling Tower 1 - Gas Cooling Tower 2 - 1st Stage WESP - Humidifying Tower - 2nd Stage WESP Quench - Gas Cooling Tower 1 - Gas Cooling Tower 2 - 1st Stage WESP - Humidifying Tower - 2nd Stage WESP
Plant Capacity - - - -
Status - - - -
Year Built - - - -
Technology - - - -
Contractor - - - -

Two of the four plants are operating.  All plants are in poor condition.

Zhezkazgan is a fully integrated facility, including mining, mineral processing, smelting and refining operations.  In 2007, Zhezkazgan was responsible for 70% of Group mined ore output and 49% of Group's cathode output.  Zhezkazgan also contains the Groups only copper rod production facility.  The Zhezkazgan Complex comprises:

Mining Operations
- Underground mines – South, Stepnoy, East, West, Annensky and Zhomart (formerly Zhaman-Aybat) 
- Open pit mines – North

Other Operations
- Mineral processing facilities – Zhezkazgan No. 1 and No. 2 and Satpaev concentrators, with the production of copper concentrate from mined ore.
- A smelting/refining operation - producing copper cathode and silver in slimes, which is sent to Balkhash for recovery into silver granules.
- A continuous-casting copper rod plant.

Pictures   JSC-Kazakhmys-Zhezkazgan-2.JPG (3711056 bytes)  JSC-Kazakhmys-Zhezkazgan-3.JPG (3701603 bytes)
JSC-Kazakhmys-Zhezkazgan-1a.JPG (3692380 bytes)   JSC-Kazakhmys-Zhezkazgan-1b.JPG (3659039 bytes) JSC-Kazakhmys-Zhezkazgan-2a.JPG (3727755 bytes)   JSC-Kazakhmys-Zhezkazgan-2b.JPG (3718393 bytes) JSC-Kazakhmys-Zhezkazgan-3a.JPG (3715554 bytes) JSC-Kazakhmys-Zhezkazgan-4a.JPG (3808325 bytes)   JSC-Kazakhmys-Zhezkazgan-4b.JPG (3722940 bytes)
General Kazakhmys PLC is an international natural resources company, listed in the UK, with its principal operations in Kazakhstan and the surrounding region. The core business is the production and sale of copper.  Kazakhmys is fully integrated from mining ore through to the production of finished metal.  The copper division also produces significant volumes of other metals as by-products, including zinc, silver and gold.

In 2007 Kazakhmys added two new divisions, Kazakhmys Petroleum and Kazakhmys Gold, in keeping with the Group’s strategic aim of diversifying and participating in the development of the significant natural resource opportunities in Central Asia.  MKM is a wholly owned subsidiary, based in Germany, which was acquired in 2004.  MKM produces a range of pre and semi finished copper and copper alloy products.

Kazakhmys is the largest copper producer in Kazakhstan and in the top ten worldwide.  The copper division has operating sites across Kazakhstan with 20 open pit and underground mines, 9 concentrators, a zinc plant and two smelting and refining complexes.  The Group owns coal mines and power plants, which supply sufficient energy for its operations and market excess capacity commercially.

Fully integrated production and good by products, make Kazakhmys one of the lowest cost copper producers in the world.  These advantages, combined with a large reserve base give the Group a strong platform for future growth and development.
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MTPD - Metric Tonne per Day           STPD - Short Ton per Day
MTPA - Metric Tonne per Annum      STPA - Short Ton per Annum
SA - Single Absorption
DA - Double Absorption

* Coordinates can be used to locate plant on Google Earth